Greenhouse effect - a pledge of life on our planet

In the past decade, the phrase "greenhouse effect" almost never comes off television screens or from the pages of newspapers. Training programs in several disciplines provide for a thorough study of it, and its negative significance for the climate of our planet is almost always indicated. However, this phenomenon is actually much more multifaceted than it is presented to the average person.

Without the greenhouse effect, life on our planet would be questionable.

Greenhouse effect

You can start with the fact that the greenhouse effect on our planet has existed throughout its history. Such a phenomenon is simply inevitable for those celestial bodies that, like the Earth, have a stable atmosphere. Without it, for example, the oceans would have froze long ago, and the highest forms of life would not have appeared at all. Scientists have long ago scientifically proved that if there were no carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the presence of which is necessary to leavethe greenhouse effect, then the temperature on the planet would fluctuate between -200 C, so that the question of the origin of life in general would not go.

Causes and essence of the greenhouse effect

What is the greenhouse effect

Answering the question: “What is the greenhouse effect?”, First of all it should be noted that this physical phenomenon got its name by analogy with the processes that occur in the greenhouse of gardeners. Inside it, regardless of the season, it is always a few degrees warmer than in the surrounding space. The fact is that the plants absorb visible sunshine, which absolutely freely pass through glass, through polyethylene, and in general practically through any obstacle. After that, the plants themselves also begin to emit energy, but already in the infrared range, whose rays can no longer freely overcome the same glass, therefore a greenhouse effect occurs. The reasons for this phenomenon, therefore, lie precisely in the imbalance between the spectrum of visible sunlight and the radiation that is given to the external environment by plants and other objects.

Physical basis of the greenhouse effect

Cause greenhouse effect

As for our planet as a whole, the greenhouse effect here arises due to the presence of a stable atmosphere.To maintain its temperature balance, the Earth must give as much energy as it receives from the sun. However, the presence of carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere, which absorb infrared rays, thus fulfilling the role of glass in a greenhouse, causes the formation of so-called greenhouse gases, some of which are returned to Earth. These gases create a "blanket effect", raising the temperature at the surface of the planet.

Greenhouse effect on venus

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the greenhouse effect is characteristic not only of the Earth, but also of all the planets and other celestial bodies with a stable atmosphere. Indeed, research conducted by scientists has shown that, for example, at the surface of Venus, this phenomenon is much more pronounced, due primarily to the fact that its air envelope consists almost entirely of carbon dioxide.

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