Hanging moles. Causes and methods of elimination

Hanging moles

The small skin processes that appear on the body bring concern to many people. Moles can be attractive. Their good location undoubtedly gives a person charm, and sometimes sexuality. In a different way, the situation is perceived when hanging moles appear. In addition to the aesthetic unattractiveness of these tumors are also a real danger to human health. Hanging skin processes may have a different shape. However, they are mostly convex or embossed (resembling a cauliflower inflorescence). Hanging moles are similar in color to the skin, but there are shades ranging from white to almost black. Such neoplasms, as a rule, are benign, but one should not calmly look at their appearance. In the case when there are several skin processes on the body, you should consult a dermatologist.

hanging moles

Why do hanging moles appear?

The causes of tumors on the human body, having the appearance of processes of the skin, are different. Allocate their levels of health hazards. Often, hanging moles are a manifestation of the human papillomavirus. Their appearance may indicate the problems of internal organs. In case of occurrence of skin processes, you should not forget about oncology. Survey of tumors is recommended to conduct a qualified specialist. Based on the data of the medical examination, the doctor will be able to establish here the reason that led to the appearance of tumors, as well as to determine their nature. To establish an accurate diagnosis, an ultrasound of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas and thyroid gland, etc. will be required. It will help in determining the cause of tumors and biochemical analysis of blood taken from the patient, which will give a detailed picture, reflecting the indicators of sugar, amylase, cholesterol, etc.

why do hanging moles appear

Location of hanging moles

Appear skin shoots can anywhere. Hanging moles are mainly located under the arms and in the groin area, under the breast and on the neck.Each of the listed zones has its own peculiar features. Hanging moles located on the neck are most noticeable. In addition, they are often subjected to various injuries. In the armpits such tumors contribute to the emergence of feelings of discomfort. Do not forget about sweat glands located in this area, the functioning of which can cause the body to become infected through an injured mole. The processes of skin appearing in the groin do not cause inconvenience, except in cases when the bikini area is shaved.

hanging moles under the arms

Removing hanging moles

Currently, medicine and cosmetology developed many methods of getting rid of skin processes. Professionals can be used to cauterize moles with nitrogen and remove them with a laser. In some cases, it is recommended to take special medication and the intervention of the surgeon. There are also popular methods of eliminating tumors. They recommend the use of iodine, celandine or tying moles with a hair. However, it should be borne in mind that these methods can carry a health hazard in the case of the malignant nature of the neoplasms.

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