Head units for cars: a review of the best models

Many car owners use standard or universal head units instead of a standard car stereo. Such multimedia equipment is one of the important additional elements that are sure to be useful in a modern high-tech and full-featured car.

Today, devices with an integrated navigation system are most popular with car owners. In addition, such systems allow monitoring of all connected cameras in the cabin and outside. For example, with the help of a car-mounted head unit, a driver can monitor tire pressure sensors or a parking system, monitor the level of oil and fuel, control lighting and video cameras.

Newest technologies

Modern car multimedia systems have many different functions: audio and video playback, radio, TV tuner.Such systems have bluetooth systems, a large touch screen with decent resolution, and are able to work with flash drives connected via USB. The multimedia systems and receivers built into the car have a huge memory capacity, and due to its versatility and the availability of high-speed Internet access, you can satisfy the wishes of the passengers and yourself.

New technologies

It is worth noting that modern receivers are now working constantly, despite the presence in some cars of a start-stop system that mutes the motor at intersections. These auto devices are very popular lately, so for their owners in most service technical centers, services are offered for installing and configuring head units, advice and recommendations on purchasing.

Many similar multimedia devices are compatible with Android and IPhone phones. Because of this, they have new features for tuning sound and sharing it with other users.

Choosing the best head unit

When buying a multimedia device for cars, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  • the device must have all the functions that meet your requirements;
  • be reliable and easy to use;
  • match the brand of your car (fit in size and design).

Some models of devices are designed for a certain brand of car (Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota). But you can also purchase a universal head unit, which can be mounted on any car with a special transition frame that hides the gap.

The most common models of universal head units are 1din and 2 din. The first option is more common because it is suitable for most domestic and imported cars. CD receivers with a USB connector and an MP3 decoder are in maximum demand. DVD recorders have the ability to watch videos.

When buying a device, consider the number of formats it supports. Also an important indicator is the maximum and rated power. Sound quality depends on them. The higher the nominal power, the better the recording sounds at low volume. Receivers have 2 or 4 channels for connecting speakers.


Modern automotive multimedia developers managed to change the idea of ​​car owners about the capabilities of integrated systems and sound quality.

Sound quality

In the market of full-time head devices, the number of offers is increasing. Visually, they are all alike, differing only in filling and quality.

Comparing multimedia car devices is one of the most unpredictable and challenging activities. Therefore, we consider several of the most popular manufacturers, with their pluses and minuses according to reviews of car owners.


The most budgetary representative, who, despite the relatively low level of price and quality, generally performs its functions. The quality of the display leaves much to be desired, but the plastic on the front panel is not bad.


  • low price;
  • many rare models;
  • many models available;
  • operational service.


  • a small number of functions;
  • pale screen;
  • lack of PIP;
  • for additional monitors there is no second zone;
  • no internet connection.


Good design models of this manufacturer is supported by a good quality screen. There is no possibility to connect the internal memory and iPod.


  • a large selection of models, including rare ones;
  • prices for some models;
  • bright body.


  • often the device does not have Russification;
  • many necessary functions are missing, including PIP;
  • no internet connection.

Production factory Winca

Daystar head units from this manufacturer deserve special attention. Very bright screen, everything is done qualitatively. It is very convenient to adjust the sound quality is enough. In these devices, as many as 4 shock-processors, which ensure the operation without brakes. Intuitive and beautiful menu.

Head Unit Manufacturers


  • workmanship;
  • Internet connection;
  • operational service;
  • PIP function - picture in picture;
  • According to the owners, this manufacturer is specifically for the Russian market.

According to the same reviews, no cons.

Pioneer in the market of staff

Phantom devices are familiar to many motorists. About them there are many negative reviews, especially about the first generation. Now the manufacturer corrected the situation, but the problems remained. The device captivates the menu, beautiful packaging and a variety of options, including parking sensors and tire pressure sensors. However, in practice, everything breaks down quickly enough. And the price is quite high. Pros:

  • beautiful menu;
  • many options;
  • Internet connection;
  • a wide range of models.


  • high price;
  • obsolete iron;
  • frequent breakdowns;
  • lack of pip.

Hyudai Sonata 2011

This modern head unit is a great way to improve the functionality of your car. The device from the brand Incar has several of the following advantages:

  • multifunctionality;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic design that matches the brand of car;
  • convenient interface.

The device is equipped with special audio and video connectors, a large touch screen with high-quality resolution and detailed picture. Also present navigation elements. At the same time, the Incar trademark made sure that the driver could hear the notification of the navigator while slightly muffling the music playing.

Hyudai Sonata 2011

By purchasing a head unit for the car "Inkar", the driver gets the opportunity to connect to the Internet, visit various resources, as well as timely notifications about traffic jams and weather.


  • complete external GPS antenna;
  • while the GPS navigation is in operation there is the possibility of listening to music;
  • support: SD / MMC / USB up to 32 GB;
  • support for external drives - up to 1 TB;
  • RDS Philips NXP6686 function in the integrated FM / AM tuner;
  • graphic interface is completely Russified;
  • built-in Bluetooth module;
  • staff connection through the training mode to the steering buttons;
  • the ability to connect additional displays;
  • nine-band built-in equalizer
  • There are almost 700 thousand applications available for download and installation on the Google Market.

Universal radio Prime-X A6

This head unit on the “Android” with navigation is a real car multimedia center. For your convenience and the most pleasant stay in the car, the device has a seven-inch monitor with high resolution and multi-touch support, a powerful quad-core processor, 16 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of operational memory.

Head Unit on Android

This multimedia system for communication and Internet access has a full set of interfaces: support for 3G modem, bluetooth (hands free), Wi-Fi. The built-in GPS chip is designed for navigation (any navigation software is available from PlayMarket). For auto diagnostics, you can connect an OBDII scanner.

Installing the head unit of this model will allow you to create a real multimedia center with a huge number of applications available for the Android OS and a game center with various programs for work.

Prime-X A6 is equipped with a built-in video recording function.To do this, you just need to connect an external camera. In the future, when the ignition is turned on, the DVR will automatically begin video recording of the traffic situation.

Main characteristics:

  • 2 pairs of line outputs;
  • seven-inch monitor;
  • quad-core Cortex 1.6GHz;
  • 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB - built-in;
  • Android 5.0.1 operating system;
  • Bluetooth, Radio, WiFi, 3G, GPS, TV, DVR, OBDII, USB, SD, Phone-link;
  • no DVD drive;
  • There is support for control buttons on the steering wheel.

For Volkswagen Passat cars

This head unit supports the function of displaying open doors, Can BUS - protocol, parking sensors, climate control.

The multimedia center is assembled from the most powerful and high-quality components and equipped with the latest technology.

Head units

Significantly expands the range of capabilities of one of the most modern operating systems Android 4.2. Almost completely, you can adapt the device for yourself with service applications from Google Play.

A huge advantage of the OS is the ability to access the Network via a Wi-Fi module, which is integrated into the device or connected via an external 3G modem.


  • 1 GB RAM RAM;
  • 8 GB of internal memory;
  • User's manual is built into the menu, several interface languages, including Russian;
  • Android 4.2 operating system;
  • multi-color button illumination;
  • built-in Wi-Fi module, Internet browser, TV tuner;
  • built-in GPS receiver.

Repair and replacement of the head unit

Like any other technology, multimedia car systems can fail, which causes discomfort to their owners.

If radio waves started to disappear, the radio tape recorder started to reboot, only one side of the audio output is working, sound distortions are noticeable, the disks are no longer loaded, the display backlight is gone, then you should contact an expert to repair the head unit.

Media device for car

In the technical service center the equipment will undergo mandatory diagnostics. After that, the preliminary cost of repair is agreed with the device owner. Its terms and conditions are stipulated.

The service center will provide you with solutions to problems with the car stereo and will replace it if necessary.

Pioneer MVH-180UI USB

Car head unit with RDS tuner, Aux-in, USB, support for Android smartphones, iPod / iPhone, FLAC audio files.

Pioneer MVH-180UI USB

The model was created specifically for modern media and digital music.You can connect both Apple devices and Android smartphones to it, as well as other devices via an additional Aux-in or USB port. You can listen to music and at the same time charge the phone battery. You can tune into one of 24 FM radio stations to receive even more media content.

The built-in amplifier with an output power of 4x50 W from MOSFET allows you to play music with a fairly high quality. To increase the power, you can use the 2 RCA outputs, which are located on the rear panel of the device and are designed to connect speakers and an additional amplifier.

The shortened chassis of this nice gadget will simplify the installation process of the head unit in the car.

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