Healing Prayer. "Vsetsaritsa" (Pantaness) - icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary

"Vsetsaritsa" is known worldwide as a healer of oncological diseases. Prayers to the Virgin Mary help not only from cancer, but also from other deadly diseases. Parents pray to Our Lady of their children, who poison themselves with alcohol and tobacco. Those who want to get protection from all magic and spells can also be helped by the All-Daughter. The Akathist and the prayer to her, the consecrated water and oil, with the proper level of faith in healing, perform real miracles, which are numerously recorded in the annals of temples.

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Variants of the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

There are several variations of this image of the Virgin. It should be understood that, going to the icon, we ask for help not from her, but from the Virgin Mary herself. Do not forget that it is to her prayer. All the kingdom hears the appeals of all those who ask, and answers them.

The iconography of the Mother of God, seated on a throne with the Child in her left hand, has long been known in iconography.On the walls of the Vithian Monastery of the Virgin "All-Lady Panitas" (Pantovasilissa) built in the 18th century, fragments of frescoes of the Trigly Icon remain to this day.

Also known is the image of the All-Czaritsa (Pantanassa), which was presented in the 15th century to Princess Maria Paleologina, the wife of the Moldavian ruler Stephen the Great, and the Gregoriat monastery on Athos Island. Such an image is called the Gregorian. This icon remained unharmed several times during several fires, even if everything else burned to the ground. The All-Princess, a prayer to which is heard daily to our days, generously endows these places with its grace.

There is an icon on which Christ is not blessing, as is usually depicted on icons with the Holy Mother of God. This is the Simonopetr icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Pantokratorissa), which was painted in 1530 and donated to the Simonopetr monastery on the Holy Island of Athos by Metropolitan Athanasius. from Nicea. This icon also depicts the All-Princess on the throne with the Child with two angels behind her.
Another version of the miraculous icon, which this article is devoted to, is called Vatopeda Vsetsaritsa, or Pantanassa.The image of the Virgin and Child Christ on his left hand, sitting on a throne surrounded by angels, has been revered for a very long time. The earliest images are found in the VII century, when prayer was the most accessible medicine for diseases. All-Tsaritsa - this is most often a small icon. But how graceful is the image of the Virgin on it!

prayer to All-Tsaritsa in Oncology

Icon Description

The miraculous icon of the Mother of God, painted around the XVII century, is located on the Holy Island of Athos, in the cathedral church of the Vatopedi monastery, on the left side of the Royal Gates. The icon depicts the royal throne, on which, in a crimson robe, sits the Most Pure Virgin with the Baby in her arms. Little Jesus has a scroll in his left hand, and his right fingers are folded in a gesture of blessing. The Virgin Mary with her right hand points to Her Baby Son as the Savior of the people. Behind the throne are two angels, reverently overshadowing the Most Pure Virgin.

The icon belongs to the iconographic type Panhranta. If we translate this name from Greek, we will get the values ​​of “Pure", "Immaculate". This type of icon of the Virgin still has the name "All-Merciful."What they have in common is that the Mother of God with Jesus on her lap is depicted sitting on a throne or throne, which symbolizes the greatness and glory of the royal Mother of God, the most perfect of all who were born on earth. Therefore, the prayer to the All-Saints for healing often helps those who diligently resort to the help of the Mother of God.

To the All-Lady about healing

The legend about the icon "Vsetsaritsa"

Elder Joseph Hesychast, very famous on Athos, in the 20th century blessed his students with the image of Pantanassa. He also told the most ancient legend about this image.

One day, before the icon, a strange young man muttering and muttering to himself stopped. While he stood before her, the face of the Virgin shone with a wondrous light, and with invisible force this man was thrown on the floor. When, with fear, he ran out into the street, in tears he confessed to the elders that he was engaged in magic and magic, spent his life in sin. In this way, the Mother of God revealed the power of her image, instructed the young man on the path of repentance, and turned her from unholy life. After such a miraculous intervention of the Virgin, this young man changed his life and remained to live on Mount Athos. Thus, the All-Saints, the icon of the Mother of God, saved his soul.Prayer to her helps get rid of all sorts of magic spells. This image is resorted to protection from magicians and psychics.

prayer to the All-Star from cancer

What kind of disease is cancer?

Cancer has an ancient history. The very name of the disease - "carcinoma" - gave Hippocrates. Formed from the two Greek words “tumor” and “crab”, the ailment was named after the tumor resembling a crab.

prayer to All-Tsaritsa

The first cancer diseases were described by the Egyptians in 1600 BC. The papyrus of those times described several forms of this disease and clarified that there is no cure for it.

And in the first century BC, the Roman doctor A. Cels proposed to remove the tumor in the early stages, and in the later stages - not to cure it at all.

Over these centuries, scientists and doctors have not been able to find a way to cure this terrible disease, which affects more and more people around the world. As in the old days, all those with cancer are left with hope only for a miracle. It must be admitted that almost all known cases of miraculous healings are associated with prayers to the Savior and the Virgin Mary. The fact that the All-Tsaritsa Prayer in Oncology is effective is proved by many miraculous cases of healing.

Healing Icon

After the first manifestation of such a miraculous power of the image of the Mother of God in the 17th century, people began to notice that the miraculous image has a beneficial effect on those suffering from painful tumors, and even malignant. Increasingly, the prayer to the All-Tsarets about healing was rising, more and more accurate lists made from this miraculous icon were scattered throughout the cloisters. Since then, this icon has been honored all over the world as a redeemer against cancer. Nowadays, the image of the Virgin "All-Lady" with its grace can heal one of the most terrible diseases in the history of mankind.

Akathist to the All-Princess and the Prayer of Cancer

The first miracle in Russia

A little girl who was treated at the Moscow Oncology Center in the fall of 1991 drew attention to the fact that an unusual light emanates from the paper image of the Virgin on the hospital wall. She told an adult about it, but they took it for children's fantasies. For a short time, other children saw this glow. And the girl who first saw the light went on the mend, her illness suddenly began to recede. When parents of young patients of an oncological institution learned about this, they built a small chapel in honor of the icon of the Mother of God, Vsetsaritsa.Even the smallest child believed that prayer would heal him. “All-Lady”, a simple picture on plain paper, generously gave healing to all who believed in it.

All-king akathist and prayer

Icon in the Community of Mercy

In Russia, one of the lists from the Athos miraculous icon was made in 1995 with the blessing of Archimandrite Efrem, when the Community of Mercy of St. John of Kronstadt at the Center for the Treatment of Pediatric Oncological Diseases, which is located on Kashira Highway, asked for sick children to be healed. So, in the center the list of this icon, written with observance of a canon, solemn divine services and prayer awards, was given to unhappy children.

How many miracles did the naive children's prayer do in this center! All-king, undoubtedly, answered it. The condition of children has improved significantly, and it cannot be explained only by the use of medications.

A few months passed, and before the feast of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, this icon suddenly flashed. Only a few drops appeared, but their incredible fragrance filled all the rooms around.Myrrh flow was repeated on the feast of the Entry into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos.

The first miracle of healing that happened in Russia is the healing of a young man, a drug addict with many years of experience. After this incident, the All-Tsaritsa prayer resounds from the lips of parents for their children who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Prayer to the Mother of God the All-Princess

Icon in the Temple of All Saints

News of the miraculous icon spread around Moscow at the speed of lightning. To a large number of pilgrims was not a burden to sick children, the icon was transferred to the Church of All Saints, belonging to the former Novo-Alekseevsky Monastery. It is located near the metro station "Krasnoselskaya", in Krasnoselstkom lane. However, the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is often brought to the oncology center for services and prayers.

Chronicles of the miraculous healings of the Church of All Saints

After a while, a Church Slavonic version of the akaphist of the Mother of God was written in honor of her image of the All-Daughter, which had some differences from the Greek version. On Sundays in the Temple of All Saints at 15.00 and 16.30 a prayer service takes place, the akathist to the All-Daughter and the prayer from cancer are read. After the prayer, the anointing of all those who suffer with consecrated oil takes place.

The chronicle, which is kept in the temple, is replenished with new and new records, testifying to the miraculous help to all those who are desperate to receive healing from earthly doctors. It contains records of infants and old men, men and women, the healing of the latest stages of cancer and many others. The people who received healing, to whom the prayer of the All-Sacrament returned health or life, not only write down their stories of miraculous recovery, but also bring all sorts of gifts to this shrine.

All-Mother's Icon of the Mother of God Prayer

List of Novospassky Monastery

Nowadays, the list of the image of Pantaness, which is located in the church of All Saints in the village of Krasnoe Selo, is not the only miraculous in Russia. The Akathist to the All-Tsaritsa and the prayer for cancer are still being read in Moscow, on Krestyanskaya Square, 10 (metro station Proletarian), in the Novospassky Monastery, where since 1997 there is another miraculous list of this healing icon. It was specially created in the Vatopedi monastery and delivered to Russia. He, too, is miraculous and peaceful. A chronicle is also kept here with records of the healings of people to whom the prayer of the Virgin to the All-Holy Mother returned life and health, and with records of miracles produced from this shrine.Before this image of the Mother of God daily prayers are performed, and on Sundays prayers with water consecration are served. Numerous offerings from the healed testify to a large number of cases of healings, which appeared almost immediately after the prayer of Our Lady of God, the All-Daughter, was read.

Serpukhov list of icons

The miraculous list of this image is in the Serpukhov Convent in the Moscow region. During the time he is there, the icon of the myrrh-stream is over 30 times. There are indications of two cases of healing from oncological diseases. The prayer to the All-Star of Cancer and the Akathist of the Mother of God are read in the monastery daily. During the services, the names of people who suffer from various illnesses are mentioned. Many pilgrims come to the monastery with faith and the hope that prayer will help them. The All-Czaritsa is considered one of the most powerful icons in the world that heals cancer patients. The Mother of God shows through His image unspeakable grace and love, gives His miracle of healing to all who ask with faith and love before Her in a glorified way.

The All-Tsaritsa Prayer

Prayer to All-Tsaritsa in Oncology

Whoever comes to the image of the Virgin! As soon as news appeared about the recovery of cancer patients who had lost all hope of healing, all those suffering from such serious illnesses, which modern medicine is not yet able to cure, began to seek out the icons of the Mother of God. The strong prayer of the All-Tsaritsa helps cancer even in the final stages, and removes disaster from those who are suspected of having cancer. After hard prayers, diagnoses often miraculously change for the better.

The All-Tsaritsa Prayer for Oncology is strong before any of its images, be it a small printed piece of paper, an icon in a home iconostasis or a large icon in a large temple. The gracious Mother of God will always hear a request for help.

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