Herbicide "Fyuzilad Forte": instructions for use, analogues and reviews

Good yields of agricultural and garden crops can be obtained only with proper care for them. Includes the technology of growing such plants, among other things, and weed control. Such a procedure can be carried out in different ways. But the simplest and most effective is the use of herbicides.

Preparations of this group are characterized primarily by the fact that they do not cause any harm to cultivated plants. In this case, weeds, after treatment with special means of a garden or a field, usually die within a few weeks. One of the most effective herbicides to date is"Fyuzilad Forte". It is about this tool and talk later in this article.

fyuzilad forte

Main scope of use

Each type of herbicide is usually designed to destroy any particular group of weeds. Means "Fyuzilad Forte»Is used mainly to combat plants of the Myatlikov family. This preparation also helps very well from cereal weeds. For example, it effectively cleans the fields from such plants as:

  • swine and rosichka;

  • chaff and foxtail.

Application "Fyuzilada Forte"can be used for processing both vegetable and tilled or fodder crops.

Drug benefits

The advantages of this herbicide agricultural workers and gardeners include in the first place:

  • the speed of destruction of weeds;

  • long lasting effect;

  • high degree of selectivity (this preparation does not do any harm to cultivated plants).

Good feedback from consumers this tool has earned and for its cost. For effective destruction of weeds "Fyuzilad Forte"Used in small doses. Another undoubted advantage of this drug is that it can be used in combination with other herbicides. After all, the fields litter not only plants of the Myatlikov and Zelakov families.

fyuzilad forte instructions for use

What are the disadvantages?

Of course,herbicide"Fyuzilad Forte",like any other chemical, there isnot only advantages butand cons.Its main disadvantage is that it is dangerous not only for wild, but also for cultivated cereals. That is, in fields with wheat, rye, or, for example, oats, it cannot be used. Planting crops in the fields treated with this herbicide is allowed only next year.

Also, the disadvantages of this tool include the fact that it is unsafe for mammals and humans. When applying it is mandatory to use personal protective equipment.

Terms and rules of application

Spraying fields using this drug can be carried out at different stages of the growing season. butmosteffective,according toinstructions,"Fyuzilad Forte" happenswhen weeds reach a height of 15 cm. Clover crops are usually sprayed with this medium after the first mowing.

It is allowed to work the fields using this herbicide only in warm weather. The temperature of the air outside on the day of spraying should not be lower than +10 C or higher than +30 C. Of course, this herbicide cannot be used during rain. Before using the drug should definitely take an interest in the weather forecast.

Weed impact rate

As already mentioned, the drug "Fyuzilad Forte »Acts really very fast. Weed growth usually stops already on the 2nd day after spraying plantings. A week later, the nodes and points of plant growth acquire a brown tint. The complete death of weeds occurs approximately 1-2 weeks after treatment.

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"Fyuzilad Forte": instructions for use

Delivered to marketthis herbicidein the form of concentrate, poured into cans. Before sprayinga working solution is prepared from it. Bred concentrate "Fyuzilad" using ordinary pure water. In this case, the dosage of the drug depends on what kind of culture to be sprayed. You can find out which herbicide consumption norms are prescribed in the instructions for use from the table below.(the concentrate is diluted with 5-15 liters of water).

Consumption of herbicide "Fyuzilad Forte"


Consumption (l / ha)

Waiting times



60 days

Fruit crops




The consumption of this tool for legumes,beets, potatoes, flax, clover is usually 0.7-0.2 g / m2. In order to protect coniferous trees from cereal weeds, usually 0.15-0.2 g / m2 of concentrate is used.

fyuzilad forte application

Agricultural and horticultural crops are treated with this drug, usually only once per season.

Rules of preparation of the solution

Thus, for each particular culture there are certain norms of consumption of this herbicide. Actually the solution itself"Fyuzilad Forte" instructions for useprescribesCook just before use. Keep it is not allowed. Prepare a working solution of this herbicide according to standard technology. That is, first fill the tank with water to half. Then add the drug itself and mix everything thoroughly. At the final stage, the tank is filled with water to the top.

Spraying of landings with this herbicide is carried out mainly only with the use of sucker-rod devices.

Analogs of the drug

Thus, "Fyuzilad Forte" can be used to control weeds of the family Cereal and Myatlikovyh. The tool is actually very strong and it has not so many analogues. Still, such drugs on the market today. From grass weeds instead of "Fusilad", for example, such herbicides as:

  • "Panther".

  • "Argo, ME".

  • "Aktion, KS".

It is allowed to use any other gramicide against bluegrass instead of Fuzilad Forte. For example, with wild oats are often struggled with the use of the "Topik". Not bad this drug helps from other bluegrass. Also from the weeds of this family can be applied graminicide "Puma Super 100".

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Reviews of agricultural workers

Like all preparations of the company "Sigenta", the herbicide "Fyuzilad Forte" is characterized by high efficiency of action. And so the reviews from gardeners and farmers, he deserved just excellent. The advantages of this tool include not only the fact that it quickly destroys the bluegrass and cereal weeds. One of its advantages is also the speed of absorption by the plant tissues. If, for example, it rains 30 minutes after the field is cultivated, the desired effect in terms of weed control will still be achieved.

fyuzilad forte reviews

According to the manufacturer, this herbicide can be used with any other drugs of this group. However, experienced gardeners and farmers to use it in tank mixes are advised with great care.The fact is that “Fyuzilad Forte”, reviews of which are otherwise excellent, can significantly enhance the effect of other herbicides.

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