Highchair Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3: description, instructions, reviews

Just a couple of decades ago, the children's dowry moved from hand to hand. Young parents were content with what they managed to get. Of course, more than one generation of happy kids has grown up in simple carriages, laconic wooden stools and seeing types of cribs.

peg perego prima pappa zero 3

But the fact that before modern families there are much more prospects in terms of choosing a children's dowry is open, can not but rejoice. Storefronts and counters are full of a variety of products for children. However, it’s not so easy to make a choice, for example, a highchair for a baby. Analyzing the market, you need to evaluate not only the quality, design and ergonomics of the product, but also the needs of your own and the baby. Some chairs are designed for use from a certain age (5-6 months), but if you choose an option designed for children from birth, it can make life much easier.

Our article will help not to get lost in the selection of options, and also tells about one of the most popular chairs for feeding - Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3.

The leader in the market of children's goods

The Peg Perego company enjoys the well-deserved reputation of one of the best manufacturers of products for babies. Brand products meet the highest European standards of safety and quality. Experts pay a lot of attention to style. It can be said that Peg Perego products are recognizable thanks to good-quality execution, multifunctionality, unusual technical solutions and laconic modern design.

The highchair “Prima Pappa Zero-3” is no exception. One glance at this product is enough to guess the Italian origin and predict that it will last a long time. Let us consider in detail its characteristics.

How to choose a highchair?

Evaluating the product, pay attention to the following:

  • the quality of the seat material (ideally it should be washable);
  • the possibility of removing the cover for washing;
  • the presence of a removable tray;
  • height adjustment, making it possible to adapt the chair to any table;
  • the weight;
  • the presence of wheels;
  • basket or pocket for toys;
  • adjustment of a back and footboard;
  • seat belt system.

Chair for babies

Some parents are important and other options, for example, the presence of a hood, if the chair will be used not only at home but also in the country, in the garden. And for some, on the contrary, it doesn’t matter whether the chair has wheels or belts. Always be guided by your own preferences.

Features highchair Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3

The manufacturer positions this product as a chair for children from birth. This is the main feature to consider when purchasing. Judging by the reviews of many owners, the chair really deserves to buy it as soon as possible. After all, the mother of the newborn has to do household chores, and when the baby is in sight, it is very convenient. The stool can replace some other children's products, such as a deck chair. This will provide an opportunity to save, despite the rather rather big price. Yes, and clutter up the house with interchangeable objects is also not for everyone.


The stool is equipped with a removable tray with a lid that is easy to clean. On the rear legs there are a couple of small wheels. A basket for toys is not provided, but among the products of the company and other manufacturers, if necessary, you can choose an organizer, if you need it.

chair peg perego prima pappa zero 3

The seat cover is removable, the belt system can be customized to your liking.

You can choose the color of the goods. For example, the Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 Mela chair will have a green seat and a tray cover of the same color. In versions with bright colored covers trays are neutral.


The stool Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 is made of special impact-resistant plastic that can withstand heavy loads. And all young parents know that in the house where there is a baby, anything can happen.

The table and the removable cover are hypoallergenic.

The monochromatic material of the cover resembles artificial leather in quality. It is very easily cleaned of dirt, the need for washing will occur relatively infrequently. For care, you can use the usual wet cloth.


The question of folding and unfolding is also important for those who are thinking about buying a Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 chair. The description of the process does not differ in some features. Folding occurs on the principle of the book, you just need to press two buttons on the sides. The chair can stand in the assembled state, while taking up very little space.

peg perego prima pappa zero 3 reviews

Noteworthy mechanism for adjusting the backrest.The stool is equipped with a full seat, the backrest of which can be lowered to a horizontal state. Many parents prefer just such a design, and not a bucket, which can only be tilted, changing the angle.

Adjustable and step, height and angle.

Height adjustment

The most convenient option is the ability to set the seat to the desired height. After all, not all tables are the same, and a growing baby has more and more new concerns. But the chair Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 can be used not only for feeding. A convenient removable table will hold an album and colors, it will be convenient during the modeling of plasticine, games. If necessary, it can be removed and move the chair to the common dining table. After all, kids really like to participate in family meals along with adults.

You can lower the seat almost to the floor, set it at one of the five middle positions, or raise it to the very top. While the child is very small, the most convenient is the upper position, because the mother does not have to stoop. Over time, all others will come in handy.

Color solutions

The stool is available in several colors, among which you can find both traditional “girlish” and “boyish” shades, and unisex.Choose what you like. Consider some of the most popular colors.

Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 Fragola is a chair with a bright red seat. His parents choose children of both sexes. By the same universal colors can be attributed Mela (juicy green) and Aransia (orange). The rich blue color of Petrolio is more often chosen for boys.

For fans of the neutral scale, solutions such as Paloma (beige), Ice (light gray) and Licorice (coal black) have been developed.

The manufacturer took into account the interests of those who do not like the calm tone. Do you think that childhood should be bright, and are sure that the colorful chair will fit into your interior? Pay attention to the series with unusual covers made of PVC. It includes several options for the Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 highchair: Coccinella, Dino Park Bianco, Babydot Beige, Dino Park Marrone. They depict funny little animals, dinosaurs, birds, flowers.

peg perego prima pappa zero 3 description

Safety system

The stool is completed with a five-point seat belt. You can be sure that the child you are wearing will not fall out during the rest period, not at dinner or during the game. The belts can be adjusted with the help of buckles, so that they do not crush, but at the same time securely held the little restless. In the next photo - belts on the example of the chair Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 Petrolio.

peg perego prima pappa zero 3 fragola

Age category

Specialists of the company explain that in the first months Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 chair can be used as a place to rest a baby. Thanks to the folding back and adjustable footrest, you can comfortably put the crumbs and quietly do household chores. It is better to unfasten the table at this time, without it it will be more convenient for you to put and remove the child.

Over time, you will be able to use the chair for its intended purpose. Every mother knows how important the first food is. Many children simply love to try new dishes and are happy to eat the first cereal and mashed potatoes. But some can hardly persuade to try an unusual product for them. Of course, a comfortable chair, which from birth itself has been associated with comfort and comfort, will greatly facilitate the task of the mother.

The manufacturer defines the upper threshold as 3 years. But the margin of safety is much greater. By this time, the need for seat belts will disappear, and they can be removed. The child will surely enjoy drawing or playing at the table, sitting on his favorite chair.

Owner reviews

If you are thinking about buying a Peg-Perego Prima Pappa Zero-3 highchair, reviews can help you.Many owners point out that the only disadvantage of this purchase is the relatively high price. However, this is a rather subjective concept.

peg perego prima pappa zero 3 mela

Some complaints cause the wheels. If the father is still able to roll the child in the chair, then it can be difficult for the mother. According to some parents, the wheels are too small for this chair. Empty still somehow can be moved, but together with the baby it is not easy.

The weight of the chair is 7.6 kg. Compared to some others, this is quite a lot. But you must admit that the highchair is not a stroller, which sometimes has to be carried over obstacles or raised along the stairs. Within the apartment is not so often the need to move the furniture. However, this fact should be taken into account when purchasing, especially if you plan to order this product in the online store and the shipping cost will depend on the weight.

But the materials enjoy good fame. The absolute majority of buyers respond positively about them. Both eco-leather and PVC are perfectly washed, do not crack, do not tear in places of maximum load. All seams and logo embroidery are of high quality. The child does not interfere with anything, does not press and does not rub.

Many families who have chosen this chair for their babies, speak well of its reliability. According to them, after daily use for three years, the chair does not look worn, it can continue to serve as intended. However, for the products of Peg Perego, this is not at all surprising. Even the most restless child cannot break this chair.

Store the collected chair can be under the bed or in the pantry, it takes relatively little space. If necessary, you can put it in the trunk of a car and take it with you to the cottage.

Another undoubtedly strong point that most mothers mention in the reviews is the folding backrest. It is especially convenient to use the high chair in the first months of a baby’s life complete with a liner for a newborn. Suitable as a "regular" from "Peg Perego", and any universal.

Remember that it’s not worthwhile to completely focus on the reviews. Try to always make choices based on your own preferences. Do not be frightened by the negative statements of dissatisfied customers, because there is simply no product that everyone would like.If you calmly weigh the pros and cons before buying, then your highchair will only delight, help and give pleasant emotions.

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