Returning home by you, may have happened, a lot, everything, again, a candle, to know, to see, adventures, time, I promise, very much, a story, a big one, matured, plucked up, experience, unsubscribed, hoped

Hello, dear reader of my diary! Yes, I know that it is immensely to blame for you. Not so long ago, you read here the most interesting and exciting stories from my travels and together with you we looked at bright, juicy, delicious photos from Italy, Indonesia, Thailand, Great Britain and many more interesting places of our vast land. I liked to tell you these stories and inspire you to your, perhaps even the first trips and adventures.

During the time that I was with you was not a lot of things happened. You've matured, gained experience, maybe even unsubscribed from me or no longer hoped to see the lines here. A lot of things happened to me too and I light a candle again and sit down to write you a long story of my adventures.

My candle will help even support the "+" in the comments. And I will know that you are with me again and ready to listen to my great story.

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