Horoscope for 2016 - Capricorn

For Capricorns, the Year of the Monkey 2016 will be a period of intensive work on oneself. But the mistress of the year will generously reward for your work, you just have to be patient.


According to the horoscope, the year of the Monkey 2016 will be very rich. In winter and spring, material problems are possible. Expenses will be required for completely unexpected things. Be prepared for changes in the work team that will affect you personally.

Capricorns will experience an extraordinary rise and a surge of strength that will help them to easily achieve their goals. The main conditions for success for Capricorn Monkey will determine teamwork, work out the right connections, failure to pull the blanket over himself. You will be able to satisfy many career ambitions and grow substantially in the eyes of the team and management.

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Also the Year of the Monkey promises drastic changes in Capricorn personal life. March and summer are particularly successful.The stars see him as very romantic, full of passion and seduction. Lone representatives of the sign will finally meet a person with whom they will be easily and pleasantly. It is possible that after some time, this novel will grow into a marriage.

Many Capricorns in the relationship will have to prioritize and decide on an important step in the relationship. There is a risk of falling into depression, so communicate more with relatives and friends.

For the Capricorn family, the year of the Monkey will be quite turbulent. In the fall, literally from scratch, quarrels and conflicts are possible. Despite the workload, try to devote more time to the family. Moreover, the horoscope for 2016 predicts difficulties in communicating with children. In addition, a married Capricorn may be flirting on the side.


Capricorns can pursue colds, viral infections, as well as malfunctions of the cardiovascular system. Do not start ailments and be sure to regularly check the condition of your blood vessels and the heart. You should also carefully consider blood pressure, because in 2016 the risk of developing hypertension is particularly high.

The monkey warns about the high probability of fractures and dislocations.So carefully follow the musculoskeletal system.

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