Horror movie houses

8-09-2017, 18:02
Do you know that in some houses from the "horror" ghosts are really found, and the walls of others hide strange and mysterious stories? However, some of the houses turned out to be so cute and cozy that it is difficult to believe that something bad could have happened inside.

A horror film whose story takes place in a new house, where a family with three children is moving. Strange events begin to happen in the house: things turn out to be out of place, suspicious sounds are heard, the light goes out by itself.

The real house from the film is located at 4350 Victoria Park Drive and looks much nicer than in the movies: a beautiful facade, a backyard with a lawn. An ideal place for families with children. I would live and live. If only not what dwells in the attic ...
A Nightmare on Elm Street
One, two, Freddie is coming for you!
Three, four, better shut your door!
Five, six, grab your cross!
Seven, eight, do not sleep late!
Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Nancy Thompson, the last survivor of the nightmare maniac attack, lived in a pretty house on Genesee Avenue 1428 in Los Angeles.The house also appeared in several sequels.
Mansion "Red Rose"

The horror film about the mysterious mansion "Red Rose", where the chilling events occur, - the film version of the eponymous novel by Stephen King.
This mansion is located in Lakewood, Washington, called Thornewood Castle, and its true history is not so terrible. It was built in 1908 from an old brick of the XV century. Today the hotel complex offers rooms in a magnificent mansion, where you can relax from the bustle of the city, and stroll through the shady alleys, and organize a conference.

The action of one of the cult films "Shine", according to the director, takes place in a remote hotel "Overlook". In fact, King relied in his descriptions to another hotel - the Stanley Hotel, but they chose a different location for filming.

Jack Nicholson arrived at Timberline Lodge, Oregon. However, only the exterior of the hotel got into the frames of the film.

Initially, the terrible room from the film had the number 217, but the owner of Timberline asked the directors to change the number to the supposedly non-existent (No. 237) so that it would not seem to the hotel guests "damned."
House of night ghosts

The famous film of 1959 tells about an extravagant and eccentric rich man who makes a haunted house for one night, where seven people were killed.
The famous movie house is nothing more than the historic building of Ennis House in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In the same place, by the way, many more films were shot, including some episodes of Twin Peaks.
Horror amityville
The events of the film unfold in 1974, when a wake-up call arrives at the police station. The caller reports that in the house of the De Feo family, six people were shot in their own beds.

Amityville is located just a few hours drive from New York, and in the city at Ocean Avenue, 112 there really is a house that glorified it throughout the country. A three-storey mansion in 1960 sheltered a young couple who lived in the house for only six months. Whispering voices, squeaks and eerie sounds did not let the newlyweds live. And five years later, in 1965, another family bought the house - the De Feo family. They lasted nine years in the house. But then a terrible thing happened. Ronald De Feo, Jr., killed his parents and all his brothers and sisters, claiming he did it under the pressure of votes.

The house was bought ten years later, this time by the Lutz family. They, too, constantly complained about someone's presence and rustling at night. Little daughter Lutzov claimed that she communicates with a girl named Judy, who lives with them in this house. The house was listed as the worst mansions of the United States. In 2010, the mansion was sold at auction, the value of the house exceeded one million and one hundred thousand dollars.

The so-called Motel Bates or the house from Hitchcock's famous painting "Psycho" is located at Universal Studios. For many years the house was rebuilt, expanded, transferred to other places. It was built as a backdrop for the film, but almost completely duplicated the real Bates motel located in British Columbia.

According to rumors, the story of the obsessed mother Norman Bates is based on real events.
The famous psychological horror film starring Nicole Kidman takes place in Spain, in the palace of El palacio de los Hornillos.

This is an old building, the first building was erected in the late 18th century from wood and stone.

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