Hotel "Velvet Seasons", Sochi: tourists reviews

Sochi is a famous domestic resort that can offer tourists the opportunity to relax without leaving the country. The modern city is filled with tourist complexes and hotels of different levels, so everyone here can find a suitable option for themselves. In our article we want to talk about the complex "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi). Reviews of tourists who have visited it, will help us form the first impression of this place.

A little about the hotel ...

According to reviews, “Velvet Seasons” (Sochi) is a real city-hotel, which has all the necessary infrastructure for a full comfortable rest.

The complex is located on the southern border of the city, in the area of ​​Imereti Bay. From the hotel on foot you can reach the Sochi-Circuit and the Olympic Park. The hotel has a peculiar structure and, for convenience, is divided into quarters. So, according to reviews, "Catherine Quarter" ("Velvet Seasons" in Sochi) is located on the first line from the sea, so if you want to stay as close as possible to the coast, you should choose apartments in it."Clean Ponds" and "Clean House" - this is the second line from the coast. The Alexander Garden is the most distant from the sea, but it is literally within easy reach of the Sochi autodrome.velvet season sochi reviews

The hotel has a good location, next to it is the thematic “Sochi Park”, an ornithological park, the Cathedral of the Miraculous Image of Christ the Savior, the Park “Southern Cultures”.

How to get to the complex

According to reviews, "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi) is within a radius of ten kilometers from the railway station and the airport. From the station in Adler, the hotel can be reached by car in about 14 minutes, and from the airport - in 16. If you plan to get to the complex by public transport, you should use the buses 57 and 57k. Both follow from the train station to the hotel.

Number of rooms

According to reviews, “Velvet Seasons” (Sochi) have an extensive number of rooms, which are represented by apartments of different levels of comfort and value. The hotel has all the options of rooms: from budget to luxury. Large selection of housing will allow each tourist to choose for themselves the most convenient room. Rooms overlook the sea, city or lake.In total, the hotel can simultaneously accommodate more than 16 thousand people. For this reason, the complex claims to be the city-hotel. In addition, “Velvet Seasons” is the largest apartment complex in the country.hotel velvet seasons sochi reviews

The hotel has the following apartments:

  1. Single standard has an area of ​​13 square meters. This room is suitable for a holiday or business trip. The room is equipped with a single bed, TV, air conditioning, telephone, ergonomic work area and mini-bar. The room has a combined bathroom. Some apartments of this category have a small balcony.
  2. Junior twin, or standard economy, has an area of ​​16 square meters. In these rooms there are two single beds without the possibility of transformation into a large double bed. The room is equipped with functional furniture, ergonomic work space, telephone, air conditioning, TV and minibar. The bathroom is combined. Only part of the rooms of this category are equipped with a balcony.
  3. Apartments with a kitchen are quite spacious in size, their average area is about 55 square meters.These rooms consist of a full kitchen and several bedrooms. The kitchen is equipped with all necessary furniture, hob, mini-bar and sink. For guests there is a dining area for four people. There is no fridge, kettle or microwave in the kitchen. The bedrooms have all the necessary furniture, TV and air conditioning.
  4. Double standards have an area of ​​18 square meters. Complete set of apartments does not differ from the previous categories.
  5. Two-room standard is a spacious room, the area of ​​which is 40 square meters. These apartments are good for accommodating couples. The rest of the room equipment is no different from previous categories.
  6. Two-room suite consists of a bedroom and a living room. Its area is 45 square meters. The living room is equipped with soft furniture and a working area. All apartments have balconies.
  7. One room with a kitchen consists of a bedroom, a dining room and a room for luggage.
  8. Non-disabled people have some special features - extended doorways, low thresholds and other nuances.

According to reviews, the Velvet Seasons Hotel (Sochi) has a rather diverse number of rooms.Apartments in different neighborhoods may differ slightly, but in general they are standard.


As tourists write in their reviews, the Velvet Seasons Hotel (Sochi) offers a wide selection of dining options. On the territory of the Catherine Quarter there are two restaurants - “Aquatoria” and “Italy”. In "Chistye Prudy" you can visit the institution "Old Sochi", and in the "Alexander Garden" restaurant "Admiralteysky".Velvet Seasons Sochi reviews photos of tourists

The main catering establishment offers visitors a buffet, the assortment of which includes cold snacks and salads. Soups, cereals, hot dishes, side dishes, desserts, fruits.

Infrastructure objects for children

According to tourists, the hotel "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi) is convenient for staying with children. Every year the complex is visited by up to 30 thousand young guests. For them, in the territory of each quarter, open-air platforms and special game rooms were built. Throughout the day, children are entertained by animators, offering developmental activities and creative lessons. In the summer, babies are certainly waiting for interesting activities on the street.

In all the quarter of the city-hotel has its own playgrounds, equipped with sandboxes, ladders, houses and carousels.Due to the mild climate of Sochi, the sites can be used not only in summer, but also in winter.

In the game rooms, children are accepted if they have a guest card of the complex. It is worth noting that you can use them regardless of which quarter you live in. For hotel guests are open all the places on its territory. For staying in game rooms there is an age limit. Kids less than four years old can be here only accompanied by their parents.hotel velvet seasons sochi reviews of tourists

According to reviews, in the "Clean Ponds" ("Velvet Seasons") there is a children's club "Island". His guests are guaranteed a fun holiday and plenty of entertainment. Animators work with children here. Every day in the program of events there are such entertainments: akvagrim, sports games, quests, dance programs, karaoke, a show of soap bubbles, applications, clay modeling, making souvenirs and much more.

Hotel infrastructure

According to reviews of tourists, “Velvet Seasons” (Sochi) can be considered not only as a place of rest, but also as a business center, since a large number of conference halls of various sizes and spaciousness are built on its territory.All of them are located in different blocks and are designed for events of different levels.

Anyone can visit the gym at the sports complex "Adler-Arena." The cost of a one-time visit is 250 rubles, a monthly subscription will cost about 3,500 rubles.

For those guests who do not want to get to the hotel, transfer can be ordered. From the airport or railway station, tourists are picked up by a personal chauffeur in a Volkswagen car.sochi velvet seasons clean ponds reviews

On site there are shops with a resort range of goods and souvenirs. Outlets are equipped with everything necessary for buyers, in addition, the range of products is constantly updated. The inhabitants of the resort complex can buy here not only souvenirs, but also beach accessories and toys.

Sports equipment rental

According to reviews and photos of tourists, “Velvet Seasons” is a modern complex with a good infrastructure. Among its facilities there are numerous points of rental sports equipment. The hotel throughout the year, you can rent sigvei, bicycles, scooters, children's cars and other sports vehicles.The huge area of ​​the complex allows you to enjoy skating without leaving the territory, which is very convenient for parents who are worried about their children. But at the same time, you can ride with the wind on a bicycle along the promenade along the Black Sea.

According to reviews, in the Alexander Garden Hotel "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi) is a bicycle rental "Summer", offering guests a ride on electrical equipment and other vehicles. Competent instructors help deal with the nuances of driving and driving features.sochi hotel velvet seasons alexander garden reviews

In the "Catherine" quarter there is a roller school "Progress". Anyone can go for a ride on penny boards, skateboards, roller skates and longboards. And the most inexperienced tourists can take the initial lessons of skiing.

According to reviews, in Chistye Prudy (Velvet Seasons in Sochi) you can play mini golf. Of course, the mini-version is significantly different from the original version, but still it is very exciting not only for children, but also for adults.

Beach holiday

Reviews of tourists about the hotel "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi) and photos taken by them, give an opportunity to judge the beach of the hotel complex.It is fair to say that the coast of the hotel is considered the southernmost part of the Black Sea coast due to the border in the Imereti Bay with Abkhazia. The wide beach of the hotel has a pebble coating. Its territory is completely open and is not built up with breakwaters. The coast of the resort in this wonderful place has a gentle sunset, ideal for swimming the smallest holidaymakers.

Based on the reviews and photos of tourists, "Velvet Seasons" (Sochi) can be attributed to institutions with a beautiful beach infrastructure. The coast of the hotel deserves all praise. A wide beach with amazing scenery is the best place to relax and swim. Its territory is equipped with everything that tourists need. There are awnings, sun beds, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, a massage room, a playground, a play area, a first-aid post and lifeguards. On the beach there are two large shadow canopy - aeraria. Under them you can relax on your towels or mattresses for free, but you have to pay for the rent of sun loungers.velvet seasons sochi reviews of tourists

Near the beach there are numerous cafes and restaurants, shops, rental stations for children's cars and bicycles.There is a toilet on the beach.

There are two zones for children on the coast: labyrinths, inflatable slides, fishing, game island, board games, and more. Adults can ride catamarans.

Organization of safe rest

On the beach of the hotel “Velvet Seasons” in Sochi (photos and reviews are given in the article) close attention is paid to the safety of guests. The coast is equipped with 4 rescue towers with surveillance cameras. In addition, rescuers keep order in the sea in boats. There is a special area for bathing children.

When planning to spend a vacation in a hotel, it is worth remembering how large a territory the “Velvet Seasons” complex has in Sochi. "Alexander Garden" (reviews confirmation) is the most distant block from the coast. This point should be considered if the purpose of your trip is a beach holiday. If you go on a business trip, then the quarter will suit you very much.

Resorts reviews

Summing up the conversation, I would like to note that tourists leave mostly positive reviews regarding the hotel complex.The hotel is new and clean, equipped with good furniture, appliances and new linens. Daily cleaning is quite high quality. Maids regularly change towels. In general, rooms are more like apartments than hotel apartments.

As for food, here the opinions of tourists differ a bit. Not everyone wants to eat at the hotel, because there is a large selection of cafes and restaurants nearby. Some rooms are equipped with their own kitchens, so their inhabitants have the opportunity to cook on their own. Those vacationers who took advantage of the food in the main restaurant, say that it is quite acceptable. Of course, there is no elegant Turkish selection of dishes, but still you will not be hungry. The food offered in the hotel resembles homemade, it is always fresh and tasty. The range of dishes is standard, there are no frills. On the tables, as a rule, you can see side dishes, cereals, meat, sausages and more.Catherine's Quarter velvet seasons sochi reviews

In general, tourists are satisfied with the time spent in this hotel, noting good service and friendly staff. Vacationers recommend by all means take the opportunity and go to inspect all the attractions.If you have a desire to see the nearest places to the city, then it is best to rent a car. This will significantly reduce the time spent in transport, and this method of movement is much more comfortable.

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