How can you call a dog-girl?

March 18, 2015
How can you call a dog-girl?

If you are going to have a charming puppy in your home, you should first think about what to call it. After all, the nickname should be both beautiful and easy to pronounce, and, if possible, reflecting the character of the pet or its appearance. If you have not chosen the right one, we suggest you refer to our list of nicknames for a puppy-girl.

Dog Nicknames

In thinking about how to call a dog-girl, you can help her breed, color and temper. For example, if your dog is a Yorkshire terrier, you can call her Yosh. Small pets are also called Buskas, Krokhami and Kroshami, Knoops, Klepami or Capami. If you have a Spitz dog - red and fluffy, similar to a chanterelle, give it the cute name Foxy (you can do it easier - Squirrel, Ryzhulya, Poufa, Zlata, etc.) Call Bulldog and Bully - by association with the famous film - Lassie .

Affectionate dog fit names Mila, Laska. And the restless "talkative" dog - Lyme, Abba, Quince, Rumba, Byash, Rada.

If your pet has some "grumpiness", you can give it the name Luke.And the elegant and graceful dog will suit the names of Nymph, Lady, Lady, Fanny, Ophelia, Perry, Chara, Gerd or Gressy.

You can make a start when choosing a nickname from a pet's color - call it Smoke, Nochka or even Tuchka. A smart hunting dog will suit the name Taiga, Umka.

Remember that the nickname should not be too long and difficult for the dog to understand. If you like beautiful names like Monica, Jessica, Milena, Ariadne, Pandora, etc., then try to reduce them when you contact your puppy (Monya, Jesse, Mila, Ara, Dora).

And finally, a few more cute nicknames for your dog:

  • Alya;
  • Bonia;
  • Basia, Bessi or Busy;
  • Toffee;
  • Malta;
  • Mimi;
  • Rhonda;
  • Fenya.

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