How Kashpirovsky in Budyonnovsk negotiated with Basayev

How Kashpirovsky in Budyonnovsk negotiated with Basayev

The taking of hostages in the city of Budennovsk (Stavropol region) was the first major terrorist act on the territory of the former Soviet Union. A group of Chechen terrorists totaling 195 people on June 14, 1995, took more than 1,600 local residents hostage and held them by force until June 19.

Terrorist requirements and tactics

The terrorists drove the captured people to the city hospital. The one who resisted was shot on the spot without warning. In the post-Soviet space, this was the first such case, and therefore there were no mechanisms for fighting terrorists or proper armed formations in the near future. Budyonnovsk police tried to resist the militants, but almost all were killed under bullets.
The invaders demanded that the Russian government cease military operations in Chechnya and begin peace negotiations with the president of the self-proclaimed Ichkeria, Johar Dudayev. The terrorist grouping was led by field commander Shamil Basayev.The hostages who survived the attack claimed that Basayev to a certain extent limited the cruelty of his people.

In total, on the streets of Budennovsk, in apartments and private houses, the terrorists took about 600 hostages. In order to intimidate the population of Budennovsk, gang members placed hostages around a car tank with fuel, which they threatened to blow up if they tried to free them.

After about 650 patients were taken hostage and 450 employees of the Budyonnovskaya central regional hospital, all the hostages taken in the city were accompanied by a column in the buildings of the hospital complex of the city, where they were held from 14 to 19 June 1995. On the way to the hospital building of Budennovsk, gang members led by Basayev carried out armed guards of the column in which the city residents taken hostage moved, stopping attempts to leave the convoy.

According to the same eyewitness accounts, many of the hostages died then and the fault of the federal troops. Due to lack of experience, the operation to free them was conducted illiterately.

Kashpirovsky talks with terrorists

A psychotherapist and State Duma deputy Anatoly Kashpirovsky, known in the 1980s and 1990s, volunteered to hold talks with the Chechens.He intended to use his experience as a psychotherapist and hypnotist in settling a conflict. In the early 90s, Kashpirovsky conducted a group psychotherapy session on television. He developed an original method of influencing the consciousness of large groups of people.

The terrorists agreed to negotiate with Anatoly Mikhailovich. Kashpirovsky entered the hospital and held talks with Basayev, after which five pregnant women were released and his escort left the hospital, and Kashpirovsky handed over his decision to remain in the hospital through a member of the delegation: “Send my decision to headquarters and tell them that now will have to shoot at the State Duma deputy. And at the same time in Kashpirovsky ".

After Kashpirovsky’s categorical refusal to leave the hospital building, Stepashin soon called: “We will begin the attack soon. So let's give them ... Better get out of there! ”Then, on the advice of Kashpirovsky, Basayev demanded a press conference with domestic and foreign journalists, which was held that same night and a couple of hours later, American television showed CNN an interview with Shamil Basayev around the world, after which on the night of June 18, 1995, leaving the hospital, Kashpirovsky took with him another 40 people hostages.

How events developed further

On June 17, at 4 am, federal troops attempted to take the hospital by storm. As a result of these actions, 61 people were released, 30 died, about 70 were injured. But the terrorists did not give up and did not give up their positions. The siege of the Budennovsk hospital did not stop there. In total, 415 people were injured during the terrorist act, 129 died. About a hundred Budennovsk residents were shot at the very beginning of the terrorist act on the way to the hospital.

It was possible to lift the siege only after negotiations that occurred 2 days after the assault. The Russian authorities agreed to satisfy the demands of the Chechen militants and withdraw the troops from the territory of the Republic of Ichkeria. Due to the difficult situation, the terrorists escaped punishment. They were allowed to return to their homeland.

In addition to human sacrifices, the result of the attack was the half-ruined Budyonnovsk. About 200 cars destroyed, 54 buildings destroyed. The total damage is estimated at 95 billion rubles. In memory of the dead hostages and the Russian military on June 22 was proclaimed mourning day. Shortly after the terrorist attack in Budennovsk, a presidential decree passed a law on combating terrorism. According to him, the Government of the Russian Federation was no longer going to satisfy any demands of the terrorists.

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