How to bind the key?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
October 8, 2014
How to bind the key?

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How to bind the key?

In such a famous shooter like Counter-Strike, every second plays an important role, so all players try to simplify the execution of complex actions as much as it will help them to be head and shoulders above the opponent. You can hone the speed of command input for a long time, or you can bind these commands to a key and enjoy the speed of their execution.

Game Binds in CS 1.6

Zabindit keys in ks 1.6 can be in two ways:

  • through the game console ();
  • through the client config (C: \ Half-Life \ cstrike \ config.cfg).

It is easier to use the console for these purposes. The config is suitable for those who understand all the commands and are ready to assemble it from scratch for themselves. The most useful game bindes (quotes in the console do not need to put):

  • bind "key" "cl_righthand 0" - instantaneous change to the left hand holding a weapon;
  • bind "key" "+ jump" - reassign the jump to the scroll (I recommend: mwheeldown + jump);
  • bind "key" buy ak47; buy m4a1; buy vest; buy defuser; buy flashbang; buy flashbang; buy smokegrenade "- instant purchase required per round;
  • bind "key" "use weapon_flashbang" - readiness to throw a light grenade (suitable also for other types of grenades).

Entertaining binds in Counter-Strike

Zabindit key in ks can also be for entertainment purposes or to play on additional mods (zombies or W3, for example). Popular binders in this case will be:

  • bind "key" "say you are all noobs!" - spamming into a general chat and teasing players with the push of a single button;
  • bind "key" "say! medic" - call the Doctor. Read more about this team in the article How to bind a medic in KCC;
  • bind "key" "ultimate" - activation of a unique opportunity in the War3FT fashion;
  • bind "key" "+ setlaser" - setting mines in the Zombie mod.

Recommendation: do not use important keys during bindings that are responsible for movement, fire, etc. You can, for example, reassign keys used for voice commands (z, x, c).

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