How to boil white mushrooms: useful information

White mushrooms belong to the first category. They might and main used in cooking: boiled, fried, salted, dried and pickled. Dishes from them are cooked in different ways - as with preliminary boiling, and without it. Our fungus does not darken during processing, unlike some others, so it is often used in different soups, as a clear, transparent broth is obtained. Let's see how to cook the ceps.

how to cook cepsLeshye meat is a valuable element of nutrition. And the mushroom we are considering now is the best of all. Its proteins are best absorbed by the human body, in addition, they are rich in proteins, fiber and trace elements. Therefore it is very important to know how much time to cook a white mushroom so that the dishes from it do not lose their usefulness and remain tasty.

The time for cooking lean meat depends on its type andconsistency. One species has a watery structure, the other is more dense. One mushroom is enough and a few minutes of cooking, while others require a much longer processing time. For example, you can bring mushrooms, which until ready cooked only five minutes. Our fishers are not so easy. How to cook white mushrooms and how much, depends on their size and age. Small and young mushrooms boil for about 20 minutes, but mature ones need treatment for at least 40 minutes.

how long does it take to cook a white mushroomWhen using a multivark, boleti are cooked 40minutes for baking, the same time in a double boiler. In the event that the mushrooms are to be roasted after boiling, the time for boiling them in salted boiling water is about 20 minutes.

Considering how to cook white mushrooms, you needIt is also necessary to take into account the fact that in this way not only fresh, but also frozen and dried products are processed. In this form they can be stored for a very long time, absolutely not losing at the same time their taste and useful qualities. Even on the contrary - in dried mushrooms the aroma and taste only intensifies. Strange as it may seem.

Any mushroom in its composition has water, whichwhen drying leaves. For this reason, the dried product must first soften. To this end, it is soaked for three to four hours, then brewed on low heat, and long enough for at least two hours.

boil the cepsIf the fungus for storage was frozen, then moisturehe did not lose and, in connection with this, is preparing relatively quickly - 20 minutes. By the way, many are wondering about whether and boil the ceps in general. So, as everyone has already understood, the answer is positive. Do not forget to clean them thoroughly beforehand, and remove the skin from the hats.

Well, now one of the recipes for how to cook white mushrooms is offered.

  1. Clean and well my our bitches.
  2. Cut into several pieces, depending on the size, and pour cold water in a saucepan.
  3. We put on the fire, we wait for a boil and take a foam with a noise.
  4. Solim to taste.
  5. We cook for 40 minutes or a little longer.
  6. We put the welded mushrooms in a colander and wait until all the water drains.

If, for example, we cook soup from whitemushrooms, then do the following. Cook the dried boletus to the full softness, then we clean a piece of celery and onions, finely chopped and cook about 30 minutes in salted water. Boiled, soft mushrooms, we put in water, which cooked onion and celery and cook a little more. We fill the soup with noodles or noodles. Just before serving, add a piece of butter.

Bon Appetit!

Lenten charlotte in the multivark is an easy, fragrant and simple dessert that you can prepare from the available ingredients.Lean Charlotte with applesAlso, without any problems, it is prepared with the help of an oven.

Lenten charlotte with apples. Recipe

Pound a half cup of sugar and a halfa glass of vegetable oil. Fruits need to be cleaned and finely chopped. Lenten with apple apples will be more gentle, if you take a little sour and juicy fruit. Highly starchy or hard fruits do not fit, their pieces will be felt as foreign inclusions in the test. A glass of finely pounded walnut kernels is added together with apples to butter and sugar, put a few spoons of jam, pour a glass of strong tea leaves, pour a tablespoon of soda, two and a half glasses of flour.lemon with applesIn a pan of multivarkers place prepareddough and, having switched on the "Baking" mode for an hour and a half, leave to bake. Fresh lean charlotte with apples has a rather sticky and unpleasant texture (it does not affect its taste), so cut and serve it better after it has sufficiently cooled.

Charlotte with fruit layer

The dough for this baking is similar to the one weused in the previous recipe. But this lean charlotte with apples differs in that the fruits do not mix with other ingredients, but are laid out in a separate layer. To keep this layer in shape, the fruits must be prepared beforehand, extinguishing them with the addition of starch.Lenten charlotte in multivarkCut two apples. Cover with a little sugar and a spoonful of starch. Uvarite to the state of jam in the saucepan. At the end, pour a spoonful of a spice mixture for gingerbread or mulled wine into the filling. Prepare the dough from two ordinary glasses of sifted wheat flour, a package of baking powder, three tablespoons of vegetable oil and a glass of sugar. Pour the resulting mixture with half a glass of strong coffee or tea, add a little jam and crushed nuts to taste. This lean charlotte with apples can be cooked with butter - in this case it can be eaten on ordinary days, when there is no need to fast. Dense the dough into two pieces, put half in the baking dish in the oven or in the bowl of the multivark. Top you need to put apples. The final layer of the dough is sprinkled with sugar (you can also add a shtreezel of flour and sugar, if you like its taste). Cook from one hour.

Lenten pastry with apples and carrots

A very interesting cake will turn out if you replaceflour with slightly dried rye bread. It will be a bit like English traditional crumbles and have a unique crisp. Take 350 g of carrots and bread, add five small peeled apples, a glass of sugar, a spoonful of cinnamon and five large spoons of vegetable oil. Grind bread mixed with grated carrots and carrots, cooked with oil, and also finely chopped fruits. Add cinnamon and sugar, bake for half an hour, sprinkle the finished product with powdered sugar.

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How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information How to boil white mushrooms: useful information