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How to care for a pear August dew: rules of cultivation and features of a grade

Pear Augustow dew

Pear Augustow dew inherited from the parental varieties the best characteristics. The fruits of this tree are juicy and sweet, have a good presentation. What other features of the variety make it a favorite of many gardeners? How to grow and care for the culture?

Description of the pear variety Avgustovskaya dew

Augustow dew appeared as a result of crossing the varieties of Tenderness and Triumph of Pakgama. The author of the development is the breeder of the All-Russian Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants S.P. Yakovlev.

"Parents" of the August dew are distinguished by an outstanding set of qualities: Tenderness is very resistant to disease and has excellent winter hardiness, Triumph Pakgama is fast-paced, high-yielding, yields fruits with excellent taste.

Pear Tree Avgustovskaya dew

The height of an adult tree of Augustus dew about 3 m

The Augustus Dew Tree is low — 2.5–3 m.It grows quickly, the buds in the spring wake up rapidly.The crown is not thickened, a little wilted shape. The branches depart from the trunk at an angle of almost 90 °. The leaves are medium in size, dark green, oblong in shape with notches along the edges. Flowers are small (up to 7–10 in inflorescence), white, with long pistils.

Flowering pears

In the inflorescence of Augustus dew from 7 to 10 flowers

Fruits are even, 120–150 g (there are also larger specimens - up to 200 g).Ripe pear yellowish-green color with a faint blush on the side. The skin is smooth. The flesh is fine-grained, white, juicy, it tastes sweet (sugar content is more than 8%) with sourness.

Pear varieties Avgustovskaya dew

The usual mass of fruits of Augustus dew - about 150 g

Augustus dew shows its qualities most clearly in the southern and central regions of the central part of the country.

Advantages and disadvantages (table)

pros Minuses
Fast growing tree The tree is considered self-fertilized, but this indicator is not high, so pollinators are needed on the site
Skoroplodnost - the first harvest tree gives for 3-4 years of life With a large crop of unequal weight fruit
High yield - even the first crop can be considerable - up to 15 kg Due to the fast and active growth, constant pruning is necessary.
High winter hardiness and drought resistance There are lean seasons
Scab resistance
Good commercial qualities of fruits

Planting pear

Location selection

Pear is a heat-loving plant, so it will grow well in a sunny area, protected from the wind. Groundwater should be approximately 1.5–2 m from the ground.The pear does not stand up for moisture.Suitable soil is loamy or sandy. Clay earth is not suitable, sandy - only when making abundant dressings.

Experienced gardeners consider the beginning of October to be the optimal time for planting.Before the winter cold, the tree will have enough time to settle down. If for some reason it was not possible to do it, the end of April will come up next year.

For planting, you need to buy in the nursery 1 - or 2-year-old seedlings.When buying, check the condition of the roots and stem - they must be strong, not dry, well developed, without damage.

Stepwise landing process

  1. Dig a hole with a diameter of 1 m, a depth of 0.5 m.
  2. Mix fertilizer (70 g of ammonium nitrate, 130–140 g of potassium sulfate, 2 buckets of humus) to fill 2/3 of the hole.
    Pit for pear tree planting

    Pear hole about 50 cm deep

  3. Put a seedling in a hole, holding it.
    Planting pear

    The roots of the tree in the pit need to gently straighten

  4. To maintain a young tree, strengthen the stake at a distance of 20–25 cm from the trunk.
  5. To pour a sapling with soil, carefully tamping. The root neck should not be covered with earth.
    Planting pear seedlings

    The earth around the trunk needs to be slightly pounded

  6. Tie the support to the tree.

The August dew belongs to self-bearing trees, but the harvest may increase several times if a pollinator is present in the garden. The best solution will be planting a pear seedlings of the Memory of Yakovlev. The distance between fruit trees in the garden is 3–4 m.

Future pear orchard

Distance between fruit trees in the garden - 3-4 m

Care for the pear Augustow dew


Water the young pear every week (1 bucket of water per tree). An adult plant is watered once every 7–10 days with 20 liters of water (this amount should be “stretched” for a whole day, for example, a bucket of water in the morning and a bucket in the evening). For the variety is suitable for spraying.Mandatory hydration in July and August is the period when the tree lays buds for the harvest of the next year.At the end of the summer, watering is stopped to slow down the growth of young shoots. They may not have enough time to get stronger before the first cold weather.

During watering you need to loosen the tree trunk, destroying weeds.

Watering fruit trees

An adult pear plant is watered once a week with 20 liters of water.

Video: the original way of watering fruit trees

Top dressing

If there is a lot of sand in the soil, then fertilizing is carried out every year, fertilizer application is sufficient on more fertile soils 1 time in 2–3 years.

  1. In the spring, in the end of March - the beginning of April, 1-2 kg of manure per 1 sq. M. m of the range tree.
  2. During the flowering of pears in order to tied the fruit, make a 0.1 percent solution of boric acid (10 g per 10 liters of water for one tree).
  3. After the autumn leaf fall, the mixture of mineral fertilizers will contribute to the growth and development of the tree (ammonium nitrate - 20 g, urea - 15 g, superphosphate - 50 g).


Pruning is an important event in the care of all fruit trees. The first pruning August dew can survive after planting. The branches are removed at a height of about 0.5 m.

The best time for this event is spring.During this period, branches damaged by the sun or frost can be cut off, as well as branches that are too long or thicken. All sections are smeared with a twist or paint.

Autumn pruning is aimed at removing dry and old branches, which are then burned.

Pruning fruit trees

The best time for pruning is early spring.

Preparing for the winter

In late autumn, trees are whitened with lime mortar or special paints for trees.This layer on the trunk protects the tree from sunburn of the bark, which can be in winter and spring.

Pristvolny circle needs to be cleaned from fallen leaves, to hold water irrigation (70–100 l). Rump the ground around the roots with a layer of 15 cm.

If there are cold and little snowy winters in the region, the stem should be wrapped with a nonwoven covering material that allows air and moisture to pass through (agrotex, spanbond).

Whitewashing a tree

Whitewashing protects the tree from sunburn and rodents

Ways to combat diseases and pests (table)

Diseases / pests Symptoms Prevention and control measures
Black cancer The appearance of wounds and cracks on the cortex with brown spots around, red markings on fruits and leaves.
  • Destruction of affected leaves and fruits.
  • Removal of diseased bark areas with a knife: grab about 2 cm of a healthy area just in case.
  • Treatment of wounds with copper sulfate (35 g per 1 liter of water).
  • Treatment of the affected areas with a mixture of mullein and clay.
Mealy dew Appearance on the leaves and flowers of mealy spots, which in the future acquire a violet-gray color.
  • Destruction of the affected parts of the plant.
  • Treatment during the appearance of leaves with Topaz (1 ampoule per bucket of water).
  • Regular watering.
  • Colloidal sulfur solution (100g per 10 l).
Fruit rot Brown spots on the fruit, their drying and falling off.
  • Destruction of affected fruit.
  • Spraying after flowering with Oxyh (20 g per 1 bucket of water).
  • 1% solution of Bordeaux liquid.
Insects (pear mite, moth, etc.) Drying of leaves, shoots.
  • Mechanical collection of insects.
  • In the spring spraying a solution of the drug Nitrafen (300 g per bucket of water).
  • Preparations Kinmiks, Agravertin, Spark and others. Use according to the instructions.

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