How to care for currants?

How to care for currants?

Every self-respecting summer resident necessarily plants many different bushes: raspberries, currants, gooseberries ... There is no doubt that not everyone, even the most experienced gardener can know how to properly care for currants, for example. In order to get a good harvest, the cycle of works should be started not in spring, but also in autumn. The first step is to plow the soil between the bushes.

At the end of winter, in the beginning of spring, the currant bush is prepared. During this process, be sure to cut off the old twigs. But you can not leave hemp. Sick and infertile branches must also be removed. In addition, the bushes need to be thinned. It is worth noting that the removal of old and unnecessary branches is a very important process, since further harvest depends on the correctness of its implementation.

In the next stagewill have to fight pests. In particular, we are talking about powdery mildew and kidney ticks. Pest control begins before the appearance of the kidneys.Terms in this case play a big role.

How to care for currants?The most popular method of pest control is the following. Shrubs boiled over. The pests are not visible to the naked eye, as with the onset of cold weather, they become anabiosis and hide on the branches. Despite the heat treatment, the bush will not suffer, but the pests will disappear.

In addition, there is another method. In particular, this is a Bordeaux mixture. Treating bushes and trees with Bordeaux mixture is an old and proven way to control garden pests. But many gardeners still process all plants, including blackcurrant, with a 2% solution of blue vitriol. As for the latter, practice shows that resorted to this method only when necessary.

A few weeks after the treatment of the bushes already at the stage of the appearance of the kidneys, it is necessary to find those that do not bloom and remove them. The buds that are not dissolved are infected, which is why they should be removed.

We must not forget that in the case of heat, the bushes must be watered. Especially scary for currants, if the temperature rises more than 35 degrees.The best time of day for watering is morning or evening.

Naturally, in addition to watering it is necessary to ensure that there are no weeds. The fact is that they absorb too much moisture and nutrients, thus creating competition for the bush.

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