How to connect services to MTS?

One of the most popular mobile operators in Russia is MTS. Caring for its customers, the operator tries to come up with a variety of services that allow you to optimize costs and get the maximum pleasure from working with him. If you do not use any of them yet, you should definitely get acquainted with the full list on the official site You will surely find among them those that will appeal to you, and we will help you to figure out how to connect services to MTS.

Appeal to the mobile office

Across the country, MTS has its own communications stores. Full list can be viewed. You can also send the word “MTS” to number 6677, and the operator will send you a message with the addresses of the nearest stores absolutely free of charge.

In the store, experienced consultants will help you to navigate in a variety of services, to select for you those that best meet your needs and, of course, help you to connect selected ones. The only disadvantage of this method is the need to spend time visiting the store. But if you are just starting to work with this operator, this is the best option.After all, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to figure out all the existing proposals yourself.

If you want to connect the Internet to the MTS, read about it in the article How to connect the Internet to the MTS.

Connect using your personal account

On the MTS website you can register and get access to your personal account. With it, you will manage the whole variety of MTS services, including disconnecting and connecting services. To do this, you need to choose your favorite option and act, following the prompts of the site. This is an easy way to do all the necessary manipulations, without leaving your home or office, without being distracted by the search for additional information about the connection.

You can register by going to.

Connect using USSD command

USSD commands are short numbers with which you can activate / deactivate the service, familiarize yourself with its condition (the number of remaining minutes / sms / mms / traffic, etc.).

Usually these numbers are * xxx # or * xxx * yyy #. In order to send a USSD-command, you must enter the appropriate number on your mobile and press the "Call" button.After some time (usually it takes a few seconds) you will receive a confirmation of the connection. In addition, the operator will inform you via SMS, but it will come a little later.

In order to find out the number of the USSD team, you need to find the service you like on the company's website ( In the description of the connection will be listed its number.

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