How to cook chicken skewers - the best recipes

It is believed that chicken kebab is a budget version of a dish cooked on charcoal. And indeed it is. Poultry meat is much cheaper than pork, lamb, veal and beef. But despite this, chicken skewers always turn out very juicy and tasty.

chicken kebab

There are many ways to make such a dish for a festive or camping table. At the same time, the taste of kebab completely depends on the marinade chosen.

In this article we will present you several options for how to soak the meat for its further roasting on coals.

Meat selection

What part of the bird should be used to make a very tasty and juicy kebab? As a rule, chicken breasts, legs, thighs, white meat or wings are taken for this. As for the back and the neck of the bird, they are not suitable for such a dish, since they have a large number of bones.

We can not say that a very unusual barbecue is made of chicken hearts and ventricles.However, the dinner of the giblets does not suit all hostesses. Therefore, we decided to present several ways of cooking meat dishes on coals.

The easiest recipe for chicken skewers

The simplest cooking is the kebab, which is made using white poultry meat. This dish is very tender, juicy and tasty.

So how to make chicken skewers on skewers? For this we need the following set of products:

  • mayonnaise medium fat (it is better to take olive) - 150 g;
  • cumin dried - ½ dessert spoons;
  • Large chicken breasts - 4 pcs .;
  • table salt - 1,5 dessert spoons;
  • white onion - 2 medium heads;
  • ground pepper - a few pinches.

chicken kebab recipe

We process and marinate meat

Before pickling chicken skewers, poultry meat should be properly processed. If the breasts were frozen, they are completely thawed and washed. At the same time they carefully remove the skin and bones. As for the remaining pulp, it is cut into large pieces. Also separately clean the bulbs and chop them with thick rings.

After the meat is processed, it is laid out in a bowl, and then flavored with table salt, dried cumin, mayonnaise and ground pepper.Thoroughly mix all the ingredients, add onion rings to them, cover with a lid and leave in this form for 1-2 hours. During this time, the meat should be well marinated, become softer and more aromatic.

Heat treatment

After marinating the meat, it is carefully strung on large skewers, alternating with thick onion rings. Next, put the dish on hot coals and cook for about 20-25 minutes. In order for poultry meat to become rosy and soft, it is regularly turned over and its sootted is not burned.

Once the chicken breast kebab is ready, it is removed from the brazier and placed on a large plate decorated with green leaves of lettuce. To the table such lunch is served along with fresh vegetables or some other garnish.

Making shish kebab from chicken hams

On how to cook chicken skewers on skewers, we have described above. But if for such a dish you decided to use not white poultry meat, but ham, then you will need real skewers. But first things first.

how to pickle chicken skewers

The presented chicken kebab recipe is good for those who want to cook a satisfying and tasty dish, but do not want to spend a large amount of money.To implement this option, we need the following products:

  • semi-sweet red wine - 150 ml;
  • dried rosemary - ½ dessert spoon;
  • large chicken legs - 6 pcs .;
  • table salt - 1.5 dessert spoons (add to your taste);
  • white onion - 2 medium heads;
  • ground pepper - a few pinches.

Meat processing and pickling process

How to pickle chicken shish kebab from hams? First you need to process the meat. It is completely thawed and thoroughly washed. Next, the pieces are cut into hips and legs (they should not be very large). After that, the meat product is spread in a deep bowl and proceed to its marinating. To do this, onion heads are peeled and rubbed on a fine grater. The resulting gruel is spread to the meat along with ground pepper, dried rosemary and table salt.

After mixing all the ingredients, they are covered with a lid and left in this form for 60 minutes. Over time, a little red semi-sweet wine is poured in to the meat. Stir the products again, leave them at room temperature for 1.5 hours.

How to cook?

Chicken shish kebabs from hams should be cooked over very hot coals.To do this, the hips and legs are carefully placed on the skewers and ensure that they do not have hanging ends.

Due to the fact that such a kebab is quite large, it should be fried a little longer than the previous version. After installing the skewers on the grill, the dish needs to be cooked for 35-40 minutes. In this case, the meat should be constantly turned over so that it is well-browned, but not burnt. By the way, it was for this purpose that we did not remove the skin from the thighs and shins.

chicken wings shish kebab

Once the chicken kebab is cooked from the ham, it is removed from the barbecue and removed from the skewers. Eating such a dish is desirable hot with boiled potatoes and plenty of fresh herbs.

Cooking chicken wings skewers

With the use of chicken wings, skewers always turn out tender and juicy. It is very important to use honey-tomato marinade. With it, the dish will acquire an unusual taste and delicious gloss.

So how to make a kebab of chicken wings? For this we need:

  • Fresh chicken wings - 10 pcs .;
  • hops-suneli - 2 dessert spoons;
  • olive oil - 2 large spoons;
  • salt, black pepper - add to your taste;
  • fresh honey - 1.5 large spoons;
  • tomato paste - 2 large spoons;
  • green onions - 1 large bundle.

How to handle and pickle meat?

Before cooking chicken marinated skewers, meat product should be properly processed. The wings completely defrost and thoroughly wash in cold water. If there are hairs on the skin, they should be singed over the open fire.

chicken skewers on skewers

Cut the chicken wings in half should not be. But if you think that such pieces are too large, then they can be divided into 2 parts.

After the meat has been processed, it is dried with paper towels and spread in a deep bowl. Next, proceed to the preparation of the marinade. To do this, combine olive oil, fresh honey, table salt, hops-suneli, tomato paste, black pepper and finely chopped green onions in one bowl.

The resulting mixture is spread to the wings and mix them well. Having covered the meat product with a lid, it is not left aside for 60-180 minutes. During this time, the wings should marinate, acquire a pleasant aroma and color.

Cooking on the grill

Due to the fact that chicken wings are a rather bony part of the bird, it is better to fry them not on skewers, but on an ordinary barbecue grid. It is put on the grill, over hot coals, and then alternately spread all the pieces of meat.

Regularly turning the wings, using cooking tongs, they are periodically smeared with the sauce that remained in the bowl after pickling the product. After 25-35 minutes, the kebab should be completely soft and get a pleasant blush.

Cooked chicken wings in a honey-tomato sauce, they are spread on a large platter and immediately presented to the table. It is desirable to eat such a meal with a lot of greenery and a side dish in the form of french fries.

Cooking delicious kebabs in the oven

Surely many have heard that chicken kebab in the oven is not inferior to the dish that is made using hot coals. Of course, such a dinner does not have the taste of smoke and the aroma that is inherent in the classic barbecue. But if you do not have the opportunity to go on nature, the kebab of chicken hearts in the oven will serve as an excellent alternative to the marching dish.

chicken marinated skewers

So what components will we need to make the above-mentioned dinner at home? In fact, in the preparation of such a dish is nothing complicated.To make it, you must purchase the following products:

  • salt, hops-suneli, ground pepper - add to your personal taste;
  • chicken hearts (if possible, use only large ones) - 400-600 g;
  • soy sauce - approximately 100 ml;
  • tomato paste - 1.5 large spoons;
  • olive or any other vegetable oil - 2 large spoons.

Preparation of the main product

Before making such an unusual dish in the oven, you should thoroughly process the chicken offal. Frozen hearts defrost, and then wash and remove unnecessary veins and ducts. After this, the by-product is laid out on a towel, dried and placed in a deep bowl.

In order to make chicken hearts shashlik as tasty and fragrant as possible, it should be marinated. To do this, combine olive oil, soy sauce, table salt, tomato paste, ground pepper and hops-suneli in one bowl. The resulting mixture is laid out to the hearts and mix them well. In this form, the by-product is covered with a lid and left at room temperature for 60-90 minutes.

How to form a kebab from hearts and cook it in the oven?

To get a real kebab in the oven, chicken hearts are recommended to stick on wooden skewers. You can do this in any way (along or across).

chicken heart skewers

Once all the guts are strung on a kind of skewers, they are laid out on a baking sheet, where the baking paper is laid in advance. If there is a desire, then such a dish can be cooked on a wire rack. However, down you will have to install a tray on which the juice of hearts will flow. By the way, you can pour a little liquid smoke into it. In this case, the kebab will be more fragrant and tasty.

After the by-product is placed in the oven, it is closed and the temperature is set at 190 degrees. In this mode, the skewers are cooked for half an hour. At the same time, chicken hearts should be soft and ruddy.

How and with what to present to the dinner table?

Having cooked chicken skewers at home, he is immediately presented to the table. To do this, wooden skewers with hearts spread on a flat dish, decorated with lettuce leaves.

It is desirable to eat such a meal together with a fragrant sauce or some side dish. Chicken hearts are ideally combined with potatoes, as well as fresh vegetables and greens. Bon Appetit!

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