How to create links?

Alexander Duz
Alexander Duz
March 22, 2013
How to create links?

For a newbie who doesn't have an idea about HTML tags, creating the right link can be an impossible task. That is why in this article we decided to tell in an understandable and accessible language how to create links. Having read the presented material, you will be convinced that there is nothing difficult in it. The first step is to determine the text of the link and, in fact, the address of the page to which you plan to link. As an example, we take the text "xxxxx" and the address of the nonexistent site "www.yyyyy.zz". In order for the link to work, you need to insert this data into the tag:

<a href="page.html"></a>

Thus, we get the line:

<a href="www.yyyyy.zz">xxxxx</a>

Next, place it on the page you need and get a full anchor link. Now, by clicking on the phrase “xxxxx”, the user's browser will take it to the main page of our fictional site.

Other types of links

The above illustrative example is the easiest way to link. For special features, you can add additional attributes to the base tag.So, for example, if you want the page to open in a new tab, you need to add the attribute “target” to the above line. As a result, we get:

<a href="www.yyyyy.zz" target="_blank">xxxxx</a>

If you want the link not to be indexed by search robots of Yandex, Google and other systems, the “nofollow” attribute can be placed in the tag. In this case, the line will look like this:

<a href="www.yyyyy.zz" rel="nofollow">xxxxx</a>

Link Pictures

Continuing the conversation about how to create a link to the site, one can not but mention a very popular tag:

<img src="src" />

By combining it with the first <a> tag presented in this article, you can make links-pictures. It will look like this:

< a href="www.yyyyy.zz"><img src="www.yyyyy.zz/*.jpg" /></a>

As it is easy to guess, the link in this tag shows the location of the picture you need. Well, now you know a few options how to create a link to the page. Use our tips and you will succeed.

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