How to crochet a bag?

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How to crochet a bag?

Crocheted handbags are full of variety. Big bags, sacks, small bags of different shapes and colors, small clutches. And which version of the bag crochet you choose for knitting, tell our material.

Clutch bags

If you choose a bag model in the form of a clutch bag, you need 150-200 grams of yarn, a hook, and a clasp for the bag. To crochet a bag, determine the size of the future product, calculate the density of the binding.

Here are some methods to associate a small handbag:

  • The “Cone” pattern will help to crochet a spectacular bag. To make it, crochet a rectangular or square-shaped canvas. Then fold the finished part in half, sew the sides, and as a fastener, use the zipper, sewing it on top. And do not forget about the tape on the side of the clutch to pass through the hand.
  • If you like classic models of bags, tie a rectangular canvas with single crochet columns, using viscose thread with Lurex.Roll up the finished canvas in the form of an envelope, sew a magnetic clasp and decorate with decorative flowers, rhinestones or original buttons. If you need to crochet a bag to a beginner, then this is just such an option - simple, practical and beautiful.
  • Are you going to crochet a handbag in a romantic style? Then choose to work openwork pattern for knitting. It can be floral, abstract or in the form of a cobweb, knitted from air loops. Try to knit the pattern as tightly as possible so that the service life is longer. The size of the canvas for the clutch is the same - a square or a rectangle. In such a product be sure to make a lining of thick fabric to match the yarn. When both parts are ready, combine them into one canvas, overlapping each other, then twist in half with a slight smell, connect the sides and sew a button on the front side for a fastener.


A bag with a round or oval bottom is a large and roomy accessory that is particularly practical. Knitting such a bag is quite simple, just need a little more yarn - 200-300 grams.You pick up a chain and knit the number of rows for the bottom of the bag with crochets, and then go upa bagfor vyvyazyvaniya sides of the product. After knitting 2 handles and sew them to the top of the bag. As a fastener, it can be either a flip strap with a magnetic button, or a drawstring cord stretched along the perimeter of the top of the bag. Simple and fast!

A crochet bag can be tied in more complex ways:

  • Of the many separately related parts: the bottom and squares for the sides of the bag;
  • From three parts: an oval bottom, and two sides, knitted with a variety of patterns according to your desire.

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