How to ensure the full development of the child in 1 year

How to ensure the full development of the child in 1 year

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Not so long ago, your child was very tiny, and the task was only to satisfy his physical and psychological needs. In a year old baby has changed not only externally, but also understands and does a lot. For this reason, it is helpful to begin development, given the child’s preference. Teaching children at such an early age doesn’t mean sitting at a desk, learning the alphabet, etc. Enough to listen to the following tips.

Primary moments

It is very important that the toys and books that your child plays with are not only high quality, safe, but also age appropriate.

In the modern world there is no difficulty in choosing educational toys. They are now full of shops for every taste and wallet. It can be a pyramid, cubes, shovels with pasochka for the sandbox and many others.

How to develop a child in 1 year

Modern methods for the development of babies have become quite popular. There are already a considerable number of them, but which one is suitable for both the child and the mother needs to be selected by an exception. But, nevertheless, the goal of all methods is the same - it is an advance of development.You offer kids new activities or impressions until the moment they start to be interested in them.

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Fine motor skills

Small-scale development is very useful, and every mother knows this. But not everyone is aware of how to do it correctly and what are its specifics.

Fine motor skills develop attention, vision, nervous system, memory and speech. These classes are important to stimulate the work of the child’s brain.

Speaking in a simple way, fine motor skills are the ability to make precise and small movements with the fingers of the arms and toes. On how skillfully the child learns to control his hands and further development depends.

Elementary classes of fine motor skills with one year old kids:

  • Play with kinetic or ordinary sand.
  • tearing paper.
  • fingering beads of all sizes.
  • games with cereals (pour in various bowls of cereals in a couple of bowls and let the kid play with them, touch, sprinkle and try to collect).
  • modeling of dough (give the child to drink from the usual test).

How to develop a child in 1 year

Any fun with small objects at a young age is always dangerous, so be sure to watch the baby.

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In order for a child to develop speech, it is worth talking to him more. Your speech should sound constantly, to the extent that you will explain each of your actions.

The child most often wants to imitate his parents, which means he will strive to repeat adult words.
Look at the book or photo, while talking about each character. Show your child a dog, cat, chicken, pig and ask how this animal speaks. If the little man does not know and is silent, answer instead.

For example, boys like to play with cars, and at this time you can voice how the car goes.

How to develop a child in 1 year

While walking on the street, try to introduce your baby to the outside world. Explain everything around: “the bird flew out”, “the car went on the way”, “the girl ran there”, etc.

Logical thinking

“How to develop logical and intellectual thinking in such small children?” - you ask. Everything is simple here - in a way of knowing the world At this age, kids already know how to walk, run, assemble, disassemble, recognize objects, and so on. If you give a child an object, he can taste it, touch it, throw it on the floor.He will wonder what will happen to the subject.

Offer new items to your child more often to develop memory and logic. After all, the baby already knows that if you throw the ball on the floor, it will roll or jump.

Psychomotor development

Psychomotor development of a baby in 1 year old can be seen in the norms indicated by doctors. This is a combination of the proper functioning of the locomotor apparatus and the sense organs. But no matter what anyone says, all children are unique and develop in absolutely different ways. Some are ahead of their peers, while others lag behind at all stages of development, especially children who were born prematurely.

The most elementary development is not to interfere with exploring everything around. The kid himself trains anytime, anywhere. Your task is to observe and secure the child’s games.

At this age, your one-year-old toddler should be able to:

  • Good understand adults.
  • repeat the actions you showed.
  • shows interest in self-food.
  • throw a ball.
  • walk the stairs with your help.
  • be able to show emotions.
  • increase vocabulary.

How to develop a child in 1 year

Develop each of these skills, and you yourself will notice progress in psychomotor development.

Creative skills

Look at your baby, and you yourself will understand what he likes most. Even at this age, some creative abilities may already manifest themselves.

Some little babes love to dance. Therefore, you should only periodically include suitable music. Even in a year, it is interesting for boys and girls to draw with finger paints or felt-tip pens on a large sheet of paper. All this can be resolved only with close supervision of adults.

Social skills

At the age of 12 months, the crumb basically sees its parents and close relatives. He has already established a connection with them, knows how to manipulate and get what they want. Almost passed the fear of strangers, but still the relationship with my mother remains so strong.

But with peers baby only improves communication. Yes, it is difficult to call communication, more a game with similar toys.

Often there may be conflicts due to the reluctance to share your typewriter or doll. At such a moment, parents should not miss the time, but teach the baby to make an exchange for time.

How to develop a child in 1 year

Also in society there are many unsafe things for children. That's because of this, even at 1 year old, the child must understand the prohibitions.Of course, the interest of the child is limitless and he still wants the forbidden, so it is worth proposing an alternative. For the best social adaptation of the child, often attend playgrounds, activities, classes in the school of early development.



After reading all the outlined tips, you will see that the more your attention is paid to the child, the more skills he will have. All you need is love, time and desire.

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