How to get water power?

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How to get water power?

Water - an amazing element, because it is in itlife began on the planet. It is also an important part of the astral world. According to sorcerers and magicians, this element has tremendous power, and if you make friends with it, you can discover new abilities in yourself. That's why so many people think about how to get the power of water.

How can I get water?

At once it is necessary to consider, that on mastering energywater can take a long time, you need perseverance and a clear vision of your goal. First you need to believe that this element has intelligence. This thought should not be rejected by your mind, otherwise nothing will come out. To make the process go faster, you need to talk with water: greet her, ask her to give health while washing, and charge with energy.The strength of water

Also it is necessary to drink water in small sips, tryingto feel its taste. Doing this, you need to imagine that it heals the body from negative energy and with every sip it gets a portion of life-giving energy. However, it is the spring water that should be drunk, since the tap water is considered dead and does not work.

In addition, it is important to conduct in the water elementmore time. It can be walks along the river, ocean, pond. It should be observed how the water flows, as it becomes more or less. It is superfluous to find the qualities inherent in water. After a while you will be able to believe in the fact that water is a living substance with unlimited power, which it can share with you.

The ritual of gaining strength of water

As soon as one realizes the fact that water is a living substance, every time you are near water or in water, say the following spell (aloud):The strength of water

"The vast expanse of the transparent sea, the Sacred Mother of all living things, be with me. Grant me the strength and power to perform the unfulfilled, to subdue the disobedient, to heal the incurable. "

During this ritual, you mustabsorb every energy energy of the water element. It will be just fine if you can feel the union with her. When it will be possible to reach such a state, it is necessary to utter a conspiracy: "AGATAGUL HAR MAROB, EL KATASAR NAR".

After such a ritual, the water will obey you. However, this does not mean that you can manage the elements. But thanks to this gift you will be able to changeThe strength of waterstructure of water, bringing to it the necessaryproperties. For example, you can make from ordinary water curative. If a person drinks it for some time, he will be able to cure diseases. It is also true that you can make a poison out of the water if you want. But it is better not to abuse this gift, but to use it for the benefit of people.

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