How to install a well filter

The installation of a water filter is not an easy process. First of all, read the instructions. Quite often the package includes the phone number of the service department, which produces a free installation.

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However, you can do this completelyalone - then it will not be necessary to wait for hours of masters and let other people into the house. In addition, it gives an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the filter device, which is very important, because you still have to service it in the future. If you like to work with your hands, it will not be difficult for you. This article describes in detail the installation of a filter for water type "under the sink" (that is, a three-stage flow filter).

installation of water filter
How to install a filter

Before you start, select the location wherea wellbore filter will be located. It should not be too hot. In addition, do not forget that in the future you will have to regularly change the cartridges. Therefore, make sure that the filter can be easily extended and pushed back. The installation site must not be exposed to direct sunlight. In case you want to screw the filter bracket to the wall, measure from the floor a minimum of 20 centimeters so that you can unscrew the flask without removing it. Then select the location of the crane and measure the required length of the plastic hoses (from the tapping point to the water pipe to the filter and from the last to the tap, where purified water will be fed). Do not forget that the adapter that comes with the device is usually designed for pipes with a diameter of 20-22 mm (this is the most common size). If your measurements exceed this number, get two adapters: from ¾ to ½ and from ½ to ¾. If the use of such devices is not possible, they will be replaced by two hoses with a metal braid and with the same transitions.

filter installation

Installation process

1. Install the tap for purified water (usually it is included). Basically it is placed on the kitchen sink next to a conventional tap. To do this, it is necessary to carefully make a hole in the sink (choose a drill depending on the material from which it is made).

2. The next stage is the tapping of tap water, through which it will flow into the wellbore filter. Turn off the tap and carefully disconnect the hose connecting the kitchen faucet and the pipe. In the resulting gap insert the adapter, pre-sealing the thread (you can do it with special tools or just flax with a sealant). Then attach the hose to the tee and screw the tap. That's all - the frame is ready.

3. Assemble the filter for the well from the components that make up its composition. You will find them in the box - the body, cartridges, plastic pipes, the adapter for connection to the water pipe, the tap to disconnect from the pipe, the key necessary to turn off the shells, washers and gaskets.

4. Connect the plastic hoses (always remove the plugs before doing so).

5. Connect the filter inlet to the faucet supplying tap water, and the outlet to the tap with clean water. Check that the nuts are tight. That's all. The filter for the well is installed.

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