How to knit sleeves with needles?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
September 23, 2014
How to knit sleeves with needles?

When the basic details of the jacket or the dress are ready - the back and before, after you have to start knitting the sleeves. There are many ways to knit sleeves with needles - from right to left or, on the contrary, and even diagonally. Various and patterns that perform these parts. You can also knit the sleeves with knitting both from above and from the bottom - from the cuff.

How to knit sleeves with knitting needles: basic methods

First you need to decide what type of sleeve is needed in accordance with the pattern, that is, what is its shape and length. But if there is no pattern, then you can decide on these parameters yourself. To do this, you need to count the number of loops that make up the widest part of the sleeve, and also determine the distance from the cuff, which you need to knit, so that you can begin to expand the sleeve, adding loops. Having learned this distance, it is necessary to divide it by the difference in the loops and calculate the frequency with which it will be necessary to add loops to form the bevels.

Loops need to be added symmetrically on both sides as it is calculated. For example, you may need to add every 4 rows. The addition of loops produced by nakidov (winding the thread on the needle). The number of loops will depend on the density of the mating, i.e. how much should be added in each row should be calculated based on the known value of the mating density. However, thanks to this method, small, but small holes are formed in the figure. Another method you can use is to lift a loop from the previous row. This is the way most often and knit armhole sleeves.

You can learn more about how to knit a sleeve by reading our article - How to tie a hand.

Raglan sleeves

You can begin to knit raglan sleeves with knitting needles both from the bottom and from the top - from the neck. At the same time, the sleeves of the sleeves must dock exactly with the neckline; therefore, it is extremely important for the product to fully calculate all the reductions of the loops. They can be recorded or in advance to develop a scheme for knitting raglan.

When knitting raglan sleeves you need to knit raglan bevels.For this, three loops are closed at the appropriate height for the armhole, and then in subsequent rows, one loop is closed on each side, in each pair of rows, until all the loops are reduced according to previous calculations. Also on this page you will find a detailed video of how to knit a sleeve with needles - raglan or in the usual way.

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