How to make a heart charm from beads?

Beaded hearts always look romantic andelegantly. Such a gift is relevant not only to the Day of Lovers. It can be presented as a gift for a birthday or the anniversary of the first date. The heart of beads can become a convenient charm, stylish suspension or an original element of decor. To weave yourself such an accessory is not difficult. The illustrated instruction, offered in this article, will make mastering the skill of beadwork a real treat. So, let's see how to make a heart bead?

Materials for work

To create a gorgeous heart youit is necessary to stock up a white lace, a split ring (from the keys), beads of pink and white shades. Of course, the craft can be performed in other colors, for example yellow or lilac. However, traditionally, the color of the heart is red or pink, so let's dwell on these two shades. For decoration, you will have to look for beads in the shape of a heart. If you do not find such, do not worry, you can do without these details.

heart bead

Technique of weaving

To understand how to make a heart bead,It is necessary to master only one simple technique. It is called "monastic weaving" or "weaving with a cross". Making an accessory does not take much time, if this technique is familiar to you. Otherwise, you have to learn everything in the course of making beads from beads. The heart is done in just 10-20 minutes, depending on your experience. Just need to be patient and willing to achieve results. Carefully read the instructions, check the correctness of the implementation of the pictures, and everything will necessarily happen.

how to make a heart bead

Instruction for manufacturing

First, fold the cord in half and roll it overthrough the ring. Stretch out its ends in the resulting loop. After two centimeters from the resulting loop, tie the knot, wrapping the remaining cord with one end of the rope. Now on the right thread string the first bead (white color). The second thread is stretched from the opposite side. Thus, the two ends of the cord must come out from the outer slots of the beads.

Now string on the right 2 beads of pinkcolor, and then - 2 white. We wrap the cord around its axis and direct its end through the first and second pink beads. Leave some space between the parts so that you can stretch the cord. Then tighten the elements tightly to each other, so that our bead heart afterwards looked durable and neat. Do the same procedure on the left cord. Thus, you have already strung 9 beads. Before you start a new series, add a white ball to the right cord. One more on the left.

We pass to the second row. Here, thread on the right end of thread 1 a white bead, 7 pink, 1 white. Now the left end is passed through all the beads. Thus, the right end of the cord should be on the left, and the left end on the right. Tightly tighten beads on the second row, before starting to manufacture a new one.

The third row will repeat the second. Now we string on 1 white bead from the edges and 7 pink beads in the center. We pull the rest of the rope through all 9 elements, releasing it from the opposite side.

The fourth series is done by analogy with the previous one,Only reduce the number of beads. Now the extreme elements will be white, and in the center we string 5 pink beads. Continue to make the heart of the beads, reducing the number of balls.

Thus, the fifth row will consist of 5beads (2 white and 3 pink), the sixth - from three beads (2 white and 1 pink). We finish the craft with one element of white color. We pass the ends of the cord in opposite directions. Do not forget to tightly tighten each row, so that the article is dense. But too zealous, too, is not worth it, otherwise the heart from the beads can turn out to be crooked.

bead heart embroidery

We decorate the product

Our craft is almost ready. It remains to add decor elements. For this, the remaining ends are terminated with nodes. Throw on both cords one heart from beads and one pink ball. Then fix the product with one more knot. It remains to cut off the extra tips of the thread and straighten the craft. Now our model can be used as a self-decoration, charm or suspension for a mobile phone.

handmade bead heart


If you are interested in embroidery with beads, the heart can beperform a similar technology of monastic weaving, only on the material (cloth or canvas). So you can create a whole picture, put it in a frame and give it to a celebration for a loved one. The main thing in this work is your imagination, creativity, originality and patience. In any case, this beautiful romantic gift, made by yourself, will certainly surprise and please your loved ones. And, perhaps, will be a real recognition that you do not dare to express in words. Love and be loved! Successes to you in creativity!

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