How to make a helicopter?

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How to make a helicopter?

Radio-controlled toys simply flooded all the shop windows, forcing the boys with a sinking heart to look at these technical innovations and dream of playing with them. But parents can not buy all the models! However, you can make them yourself, so even more interesting. We offer you a step-by-step instruction on how to make a helicopter.

How to make a radio-controlled helicopter: instructions

Not everyone can properly make a drawing of a helicopter in the section, so we recommend that you download the scheme on the Internet, for example, on the website, and buy radio-controlled parts. These are blades, control panel, engine, battery and tail gearbox. Pay attention to the batteries match the purchased engine. When everything is ready, you can proceed directly to the simulation.

Overall plan

  1. The downloaded drawing must be transferred to the foam, plastic or wooden panel (depending on what material you want to make a helicopter) in appropriate proportions, following the instructions and observing all dimensions.
  2. Now you need to carefully cut all the parts separately using a cutter.helicopter
  3. Glue all items strictly according to the drawing with epoxy glue.
  4. Finished model sanded with sandpaper.

Motor assembly stage

The batteries are located in the middle of the case to ensure a flat horizontal position, otherwise your model will make oscillating sharp movements all the time instead of a smooth flight. To properly assemble the engine, you must:

  1. Insert the axis for the screw into the power supply.
  2. Fix the blades on the axle.
  3. Check the interaction between the remote and the engine of a radio-controlled model.

If everything works fine, you can perform the final stage. The final assembly is to attach the tail rotor. And now it remains only to learn to control the helicopter on the control panel and record a video of its flights - this will be a great memory for a lifetime!

And we will return to the recent past, in the period of the 20th century, when rubber-engine helicopters were designed.

Manufacturing rubber helicopter

The first stage - the manufacture of the helicopter body

The rubber helicopter will be made of light bamboo sticks.And we will need tin, plain paper and thread. So, the sequence of work:

  1. We split in half 4 bamboo matches with a stationery knife.
  2. We leave one whole, since the main load will be placed on it to hold the motor, but we cut off a piece of 14 cm from it.
  3. Cut off a 24 cm long strip from one split stick and put it aside for the time being - this will be a screw.
  4. From another split stick, cut off 22 cm. To get a tail boom.

The second stage is the manufacture of a mechanical element.

  1. From a tin can of coffee and cut off a strip 4 cm long and 4 mm wide.
  2. Bend it with pliers, connecting the edges together.
  3. We make an awl aperture, retreating from the edge of the strip by 4 mm from both sides.
  4. Glue the metal strip to get the cockpit.
  5. We attach bamboo to our tin cabin with supergluehelicopterdetails that we have prepared earlier.
  6. After applying the glue at the joints we wrap them with threads for better durability.
  7. We take a paper clip, straighten it and glue it to the screw bar - this will be the axis of the screw, then we also need to wind the thread for durability.
  8. We take an empty rod from a fountain pen and cut 4 a wheellet - these are bearings for the axis, which then have to be put on the axis of the screw, 2 on each side, and then bend the clip, which is the screw stem.
  9. From the foam rubber sponge make wheels for a helicopter.
  10. Cut out 3 identical circles and glue them to the helicopter.

The third stage - the final touches

Now the entire helicopter must be pasted over with plain paper. To do this, do the following:

  1. We take the paper for the copier, attach to the body of the helicopter and outline the contours.
  2. Cut out the outline of the paper with scissors.
  3. Coat with glue and glue to the cockpit.
  4. We do the same with the tail rotor, but it is recommended to cover it with tracing paper to lighten the weight and get the best flying properties.
  5. We take the yellow paper from the set of multi-colored papers and cut out the blades in the form of flower petals.
  6. Glue them to the helicopter.

The fourth stage - the manufacture of the engine and launch a helicopter

For the manufacture of a motor engine, it is necessary to buy a gum for banknotes and tighten it as an engine. To launch a rubber helicopter, roll the blades and release.The toy will fly on its own until it is unrolled and the gum weakens.

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