How to make a relief press for 2 weeks or 3 months?

Rounded abdomen is a problemwomen, and men. Many young ladies are accepted for hard work on this area of ​​the body after childbirth. Men tend to "ennoble" fatty deposits their waist for years to 30-35. The reasons for the loss of forms can be a lot - this is the lack of required physical exertion, and overeating, and stress, and slowing down metabolic processes (both age and acquired due to malnutrition).

how to make a relief press

Where to begin?

It's great to spoil your figure, sooner or laterbegin to think about how to restore the old forms, "constructing" a relief press for a month or two. But before you start working on the press itself, you need to get rid of the fat layer on your stomach. It is from this, and the amount of time that will need to be spent to achieve this goal depends. Consider a program aimed at finding a tight physical shape.

The program "Relief press for 3 months"

If you have significant fat on your stomachyou have to follow a long-term project (at least three months). Everything will depend on how you cope with the tasks assigned and whether you follow all the prescribed directions.

embossed press

Adjusting the supply is the first thing you need to start. Consider some important recommendations, according to which you will need to plan your diet:

  • food intake should occur every 2.5-3 hours. Portion is 200-250 grams;
  • 25-30 minutes before eating a glass of water is drunk;
  • exclude chocolate and cakes. Instead, one should eat sweet fruit;
  • to abandon beer and its high-calorie "friends", for example, snacks;
  • lean on protein (chicken breast, shrimp, fish, veal, eggs and cottage cheese);
  • for breakfast use only useful products (porridge - the best option);
  • do not let the body starve.

Meals that meet the specified points,maintains a constant level of sugar in the blood, so that food is instantly processed into energy. After a while, such control of nutrition will make itself felt - you will feel lightness in your stomach and you will feel well.

relief press and flat stomach for 3 months

Adhering to the right diet is worth evenof whom the subcutaneous fat mass is relatively small, since this at times will accelerate the very process of transformation. The difference between pyshki and hudyshkami consists only in the fact that the second, for the lack of excess substances, is able to acquire a relief press for 2 weeks (of course, laying out the full program). But the ladies with forms in the first stages will have to remove excess fluid and burn fat accumulated over many years, preventing the appearance of cute cubes on the stomach, since otherwise their presence will be hidden by extra pounds.

Training program

Proper nutrition from the first day is necessarycombine with training. Therefore, the next stage, we will consider how to make a relief press using a special physical program. The training consists of three stages, designed to gradually achieve the desired success.

embossed press for 3 months

Stage number 1

The goal of the first level is to reach level No.2. Strengthening and strengthening the muscles of the abdominal press, improving posture, eliminating the feeling of discomfort in the lower spine (if any) - all this is achievable results of the first stage of intensive training.

In order to find a relief press and a flat stomach for 3 months, when starting to practice, it is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of training and their regularity. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Do three workouts a week.
  2. Carry out one approach for each exercise.
  3. On the first trainings, one approach is 12 repetitions. Beginning with this figure, in subsequent trainings increase the number of approaches by 1-2 repetitions, bringing them up to 18-20.
  4. Three exercises for abdominal muscles and oneexercise designed for the lower back - the optimal content of the training program, following which you can find a relief press at home without any additional devices.

embossed press for 2 weeks

Stage number 2

Distinctive features of the next level:

  1. Training increases in duration due to new exercises on the abdominal press, the number of which at this stage will be six.
  2. The load must constantly increase. If, after completing the exercises, you are not too tired, make an additional approach with fewer repetitions.
  3. Pause between exercises should not exceed 5 seconds.
  4. Carry out one approach for each exercise.

Stage number 3

Distinctive features of the last stage:

  1. Now the workouts consist of nine exercises on the muscles of the press and one exercise for the lower back.
  2. Training should be held four times a week.
  3. Between the approaches, the pause can reach 30 seconds, but no more.
  4. Carry out one approach for each exercise.

relief press for the month

Exercise # 1

Lying on your back, relax your neck and shoulders, afterwhich we put both hands under the head. The legs are raised and bent at the right angle of the knees so that the legs are in a position parallel to the floor, and the thighs are perpendicular.

Straining the lower part of the abdominal press, we tryRaise your hips and pull them forward. Then slowly lower the hips, returning to the starting position. Repeat the exercise the above number of times.

How to make a relief press, doing exercise number 1?

Keep the lower part of your abdominalthe press was carefully studied. Benefits will be small if up and down movements occur due to impetus. The neck and shoulders should be relaxed. When you return to the original position, the hips do not rush sharply downward, and the legs do not fall.

Exercise 2

Lying on his back, his right leg bends in the knee,We put the left one on it so that its lower leg is placed on the knee. We put the right hand behind the head and put the elbow aside. The left arm is located on the abdomen in the waist region.

Working the right oblique abdominal muscles, raiseright shoulder and lean to the left knee. Then slowly return the shoulder back to its original position. When the shoulder blades touch the floor, we repeat everything from the very beginning.

Having completed the necessary number of repetitions,we change hands and feet. Now under the right foot is the left one, behind the head is also the left hand, when the right one is on the waist. Do the same number of repetitions, lifting the other shoulder to the knee of the opposite leg.

Additional Information

We will analyze some points to find out how to make a relief press for the minimum period, performing this exercise:

  1. The torso must really bend towards the knee, so the movements do not go by the elbow or the shoulder alone. Keep the knee stationary.
  2. Positive and negative parts of the exercise should be performed carefully and slowly.

embossed press at home

Exercise 3

Lying on your back, your legs bend at your knees, your hands are wound behind your head, we relax your neck.

Straining the upper part of the abdominal press, tear offfrom the floor of the scapula and raise the thorax in the direction of the knees. We reach a maximum and are delayed for a second. Then gently and slowly lower the shoulders, returning to the starting position. As soon as the shoulder blades touch the floor, we repeat all over again.

Exercise 4

We occupy the position on the abdomen face down, stretch straight hands parallel to the body (palms down) and legs.

At the same time, we raise the straight left leg and righthand. We are delayed for two seconds. Then, gently and slowly return to the starting position. When the arm and leg touch the floor, repeat the exercise with the left hand and the right foot. We change hands and feet until the required number of repetitions is performed.

We work on endurance.

Exercise 5

Lying on his back, stretching his hands in the palms of the floor along the body, we lift at a right angle slightly bent legs. We use the arms as arms, we relax the neck.

We tear off the pelvis from the floor, maximally straining the lower onedepartment of the abdominal press, and lift it up. We linger in position for a few seconds. Then, gently and slowly lower the pelvis and return to its original position. As soon as the pelvis touches the floor, we begin a new repetition.

Let's analyze some moments to learn how to make a relief press with minimal physical and time costs, carrying out the above exercise:

  • The pelvis must be raised at the expense of the lower part of the press, and not forced out by the effort of the feet.
  • The hands are used only for balance, so do not push your body up.
  • having reached the climax in the positive phase of the exercise, we pause (the longer the pause, the more the lower section of the press is worked out).

The embossed press of girls and boys alwayscauses a flurry of various emotions - from envy to admiration. And the main secret of the perfect figure is only in consecutive, sometimes heavy and correct training. But from time to time you should allow yourself and relax, enjoying the world around you.

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