How to make beads?

Many people like to make different decorationshands, for example, beads. For their manufacture, you can not always find ready-made beads of the right size, so today I will tell you how to make beads yourself. Material for them can be picked up absolutely any, whether it be glass, beads, paper, wood or plastic.

Glass beads

There are a lot of various forums on the Internet, wherediscusses how to make glass beads with your own hands, but it's best to go to the "pendant" courses. It is the master's lampwork that makes glass beads. If you want to do this yourself, then you will need the following materials:

  • Burner
  • Gas for the burner
  • Wire (mandrel)
  • Graphite blades
  • Glass rods
  • Refractory surface
  • Tweezers
  • Muffle furnace
  • Protective glasses

I will add that the burner must bein a well-ventilated area. The presence of the hood in the room is also desirable. All this can be located in the garage or, if you live in your own house, in a free room. So, let's start:

  • We dip the mandrel into a composition based on clay, and let it dry.
  • We heat the glass rod and the mandrel. When the glass and the mandrel are warmed up properly, the glass should be started to twist onto the mandrel by rotating it.
  • We give the bead the desired shape with tweezers and graphite blades.
  • Then decorate the bead. You can create on its surface the original color points, curls, etc. Often used metal decor with the use of silver, copper, gold.
  • Next, we burn the bead. When glass is burned in the oven, the bead is heated to 940-1050 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the product is slowly cooled to a temperature at which the glass does not react to internal changes. Subsequently, the temperature gradually decreases to room temperature.
  • Now the chilled bead is decorated. We use faceting and polishing. If you want to make the bead surface dull, then the product is etched with acid.

How to make a bead from beads

Consider the example of weaving beads of 5 beads in the base, 12 faces and 5 beads. We will need, in total, 30 beads.

In order to make the first row, it will be necessary toone end of the line to collect five beads. It is necessary to see that the "non-working" end is about 15 cm, it will still be useful to us. The working and non-working ends of the line will need to be knotted together.

The next two rows will have to be weaved as followsway: we collect the desired number of beads on the line, then we shorten them in a ring. Then each row of beads must be attached to those that are located below. In this case, we must not forget to pull up our fishing line to provide the necessary tension.

In order that the bead does not fall apart, it is necessary to fix it. The line must be walked around the beads, which are located on the top of the bead and tie a knot.

Now the ends of the line have to be started by the resulting weaving, but which will remain, it will be necessary to cut off.

Beads are ready. If you look at their faces, you can even say that weaving beads from beads is somewhat reminiscent of a honeycomb. Beads from such beads are very original.

Beads from beads

Paper beads

We need: paper, scissors, pen, glue, needle, fishing line and lacquer (must be colorless). The varnish will be needed to make our beads shine, and the line is needed to make products made of beads: necklaces, necklaces, beads, bracelets. For the manufacture of beads glossy pages of any magazine are perfect. If you want to make a thick bead, then use thicker paper, and accordingly, if thin, then the paper will be thinner.

Create a layout scheme for A4 sheet - mark 1 cmon the one hand and 2 cm, on the other. It is necessary to mark out short pages of the magazine. The remaining marks will be at a distance of 2 cm from each other. This is necessary in order to quickly create the necessary pieces of paper for further twisting.

From how you mark up the page, there will beto depend on the size of our beads. That is, 3 cm means that the bead is 3 cm long, and the thickness is determined by the thickness and length of the paper. If you want to make oval beads, then the length of the bead should be slightly less than 1.5-1 cm, and you need to use thick paper.

With the help of a needle, we start to wind the paper. You should start with a thick edge and turn behind the turn, very tightly, put it on the toothpick. When a piece of 3-5 cm remains, it is necessary to grease it with glue and continue to wind it further.

Lacquering beads. It is necessary to collect all the beads on the fishing line, apply a layer of varnish on each bead. Apply the varnish very neatly, do not allow drips. You can apply the varnish in two layers.

Collect the beads can be in 2-4 days after the second layer of varnish was applied. It is then that the beads dry completely, and they can be used for handicrafts.

Now, having become acquainted with several ways,how to make beads with your own hands, you will be able to apply this knowledge to practice. After all, jewelry made with their own hands, look great with any outfit!

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