How to name a fairy tale?

The fairy tale always captures, impresses and pleases. You are interested in how to name a fairy tale, based on what you can think of a name for it? The choice of the name of a fairy tale depends on what it is about. Let's consider some of the variants of names.

  1. If this is a fairy tale about animals, then the most accuratewill indicate them in the title, for example: "The Wolf and the Hare," "The Fox and the Bear," "The Cat and the Mouse," etc. Such names indicate that the tale will tell the story of the two animals, so if the tale is just about that, then build a name for this scheme. If the main character of the fairy tale is one animal, then in the title you can indicate it and add an adjective that characterizes the character in the fairy tale: "Wise Cat", "Quick Rabbit", etc.
  2. If this is a fairy tale with mysteries and riddles,witchcraft, sometimes terrible and exciting moments, you need to reflect this in the title, thereby pushing the future reader or listener into thinking and sparking interest in reading the tale. Examples of such names are: "The mysterious forest" (apparently there is something and for some reason happens, the reader is curious to know about this), "The enchanted girl" (what happened to her, why is she bewitched, or will she be spoiled?).
  3. If this is a good, fairy tale, while reading that,a person can rest, plunge into the fairy-tale world, dream a little and rejoice, then the names for such fairy tales should be chosen the appropriate ones. For example: "Country of Dreams", "Sunny City in the Clouds", "Paradise Valley", etc.
  4. If this tale suggests a satirical storyabout the relationships of different people, then in the title you need to reflect between which characters the conflict is, especially to show their difference. For example: "The rich man and the poor" (social inequality), another version of a similar name - "How the poor taught a proud rich man" (it is interesting to know how this happened); "The smart man and the fool"; "Braggart and modest man."
  5. If the fairy tale is very unusual, then draw to itattention can be made through illogical names. Such a title will attract the attention of the reader, and he will want to read the tale to find out why and why this name. In this you will help oxymoron - a combination in one expression of the opposite in meaning words. For example: "Silly scientist", "Sad wedding", "Ugly beautiful", "Old boy", "Hot ice", etc.

In the question of how to name a fairy tale, you canto rely on the basic idea of ​​a fairy tale, on its heroes, on an event in a fairy tale, etc. Try to choose interesting titles that will draw the reader's attention to the tale.

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