How to salt salmon. Different ways

Pink salmon is a fish from the noble salmon family, but at the same time inexpensive. Compared to chum, it is drier, and its meat is not so tender. It is delicious, however, like any other fish. But there are two simple and proven ways to salt salmon so that it becomes a real delicacy. The option may be “dry” or “wet” depending on whether brine is used or not. But in any case, the fish must be pre-processed.

how to salt salmon

Primary processing

For a great result, the largest individual is not required. Moreover, the described method, which tells how to salt a pink salmon at home, is designed for fish of average size, approximately a kilogram. First, it must be subjected to preprocessing. As a rule, pink salmon is sold already gutted. First, she needs to cut off her head and tail, then rinse the inside and outside with running water. Then you should remove the rib bones, tucking a sharp knife under them. Now on the back of the ridge, with him too easy to handle.It stretches from the head to the tail with two fingers, then it is released quite easily. Now there are no bones left in the fish, therefore, it is ready for salting.

how to salt salmon at home

"Dry" method without brine

There are several options that describe how to salt salmon in brine, but you can do without it. To do this, about a tablespoon of salt, preferably large, is poured into the bottom of a large and deep bowl. Fish is laid in her skin down, then her meat should be sprinkled with a small amount of salt. After that, the fillet must be folded in half, with the meat inside, and again lightly salted on top. The bowl should then be covered with a lid, and if it is not, then the usual plastic bag will do. The period of pre-salting is a day, at this time the fish should be in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer. The next day, you need to perform two actions - cutting off the fins and skinning. Fillet consists of two halves, right and left, they can be finally divided. It remains to cut it into pieces across the fibers. Everything is ready, you can eat.

how to salt salmon in brine

Wet mode with brine

Below is described how to salt salmon in brine, this method greatly speeds up the process. To implement it, you need a mixture of salt and sugar in equal parts, per liter of 4 tablespoons.In order for the fish to become more spicy after the breeding of the main ingredients, you can add bay leaf, allspice and bitter pepper, several peas and five or six buds of cloves. Boil or not the resulting solution does not matter, but it should be warm, about 40 degrees. At the last stage, you can add a little mustard. If the question is how to salt salmon as quickly as possible, then there is no better way than brine. After eight hours, the fish can already be eaten. The main advantage is that the result is reversible: if there is too much salt, then in a few minutes in warm water the fish will get rid of its excess. However, this rarely happens. The question of how to salt a pink salmon is not too strong, is solved by itself. This fish is fat enough not to absorb too much. The result will please with a rich taste and appetizing look. It is pleasant to serve such a feast on a festive table, and you can pamper them with your own relatives. Well, myself, of course.

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