How to sharpen the knife correctly

Everyone knows that it is more convenient and productiveis worked with sharp sharpened knife. Unfortunately, the blades can not be sharpened themselves. This is only an advertising trick: sooner or later the blade will still be blunted. But how to sharpen the knife correctly, few know. Let's figure this out.

how to sharpen a knife

Sharpening on Moussat

If the knife is blunt, the cutting edge is corrected with a mousse or a fine grindstone. The operation can be carried out several times, then it will still have to be sharpened anyway.

A rod of solid steel or ceramics is calledmusatom. Usually it resembles a file with grooves on the axis. If you are thinking about how to sharpen a knife, here is your advice: lead a cutting edge on the moussat, while smoothly move the knife from the handle to the point.

knife sharpeningSharpening with various devices and devices

On a grinding wheel with high speedthere is an uncontrolled heating of steel, from which the blades are damaged. Therefore, experts can not sharpen knives on them. Sharpening the knife on sandpaper is also not recommended.

Now there are special sharpeners, butuse them are not advised, since the angle of sharpening often does not coincide with the initial angle of the blade. Movement creates longitudinal grooves. From this, the blade loses its cutting properties.

How to sharpen a knife on a grindstone

Grinding stones are of different degrees of granularity:

  • Coarse - to restore the shape of the point and the angle of sharpening;
  • medium - for sharpening;
  • thin - to eliminate minor deficiencies.

Large bars support the right anglesharpening. Optimum, if the length of the stone will be two lengths of the blade, and the width - 5 cm. The bar should be placed on the lining, so that it does not scratch the floor and do not slip.

The knife is guided along the bar in a direction that is perpendicular to the cutting edge at the point of contact.

It is necessary to maintain a constant angle of sharpening in 20degrees on both sides of the blade. If you do not know how to sharpen a knife in accordance with this rule, then you should know that the blade should be installed at an angle of 20 degrees to the surface of the stone and lead along it with the point forward, while the contact point constantly moves farther from the handle. Watch that at the end of the passage the blade from the surface of the bar does not fall off, otherwise scratches will appear on its side surface.

how to sharpen knivesPush the stone strongly does not follow, it canlead to loss of accuracy. Grind until the appearance of a burr on the length of the blade. Sharpening on the middle stone is corrected on thin. With this operation, the blade becomes more even.

So you learned about how to sharpen knivescorrectly. I want to warn you that you do not need to check the quality of the grinding. Even a shallow cut can inflame microscopic metal sawdust. Better try to cut a piece of paper with a knife. If this was successful on the first try, then your blade is sharp!

Finally, a few tips for the care and operation of knives:

  • keep them separately;
  • use as directed;
  • cut on plastic or wooden surfaces;
  • do not wash in the dishwasher;
  • Do not sharpen the jagged blades or diamond-ceramic coating.

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