How to ... summer

For a start, it's good that it ends in summer. In the South of Russia there was, as it should be, heat, stuffiness ... I do not like such a summer.
In short, in the classics:
1. At sea, not yet bathed.
At first it was cold, then rainy, then lazy, then there was a heat and some unprecedented number of tourists came to our not resort city. Never been so much. And on the sea, where you have to step over the priests - I do not go. And intestinal infections were many.
2. The heat is such that I did not go anywhere, apart from visiting National Geographic Russia.
3. Country feats of unskilled labor, such as weed and carrion we do not count.
4. In the cabinets are not removed.
5. Boots are not washed, but I did not get them :))))
6. Gogol did not re-read and did not process photos from spring Thailand (I can still do it)
7. Even, pink champagne did not drink ....
In general, Borjomi is too late to drink, by the way, I liked it there, but I also didn’t write about it, but I wanted to ...
If you have summer, how little life has happened, share it ... I will rejoice!
And if, as I have .... So this is already a club :)))
And yet, the question is: what is your summer associated with?
I write down while the plans of the hulk for your favorite autumn! And from tomorrow every day an interesting and long travel post :)
P.S. She wrote a postponed post, went to the corner for cold bread. The saleswoman in the shop happily tells me that the urra is ahead of her 2 days off.

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