How to understand the expression "nose up", what is its origin?

It is known that people with a lowly soul often walk with an arrogant look. They turn up their noses and think highly of themselves. Indeed, when a shaking vessel is barely filled, it will emit a noise, and a full vessel will hardly be heard. In the same way, a person with a rich, filled soul will not talk much and make noise. Truly talented, wise and learned people can hardly be noticed in society. And vice versa, empty souls make a lot of noise, flaunt themselves ... It’s only clear how they walk nose up without noticing anyone in their path.

The phenomenon of conceit

Surely every person in life met people of too high an opinion about themselves. They say about such instances of society: “He walks with his nose up, as if the others do not exist, or he (she) is somehow different from those around him”. It also happens that a person lived, lived, was like everyone, was friends, talked, and suddenly life gave him a surprise - he got a new high position or got rich in some way.Everything - now he walks without greeting the plebeians, it is unbecoming for him to pay attention to them, it is not him who is now the fields of the berries ... Why is this happening? This phenomenon of the human being given is studied by psychologists. Such a phenomenon is much said in patristic Orthodox literature. And people simply say: “He passes by, his nose turned up. I found a fraer too! ”(Or something like that ...)nose up

Ups and downs

It is good if a person in himself could notice similar features or listened to others. Then he has a chance to rectify the situation. But more often, people are blind to themselves and do not notice their own shortcomings, love praise and narcissism. It is these traits and give rise to pride, which is expressed in the actions and in the appearance of a person. A person who is able to scornfully treat others, as a rule, makes his life shaky. Life is complicated. Today you are on a horse, and tomorrow you are already walking, so you shouldn’t lift your nose up so high. The value of a phraseological unit is unlikely to cause anyone questions. All clear.It is about arrogance and reassessment of his personality.nagging idiom meaning

For example, an athlete won first place at important competitions, after which he began to walk with an important look and, so to speak, turn up his nose.Or it happens, they say: "He is a man like nothing, a great guy, just something high in his nose." It is noticed that many people become stupid in the case when they are lucky. And the more it is, the higher it becomes conceited and does not understand that everything can end in an instant and it will be very painful to fall! Therefore, it is better to relate to various kinds of lifts, remembering the descents. No wonder they say: "Slow and steady, you will continue",- this can be attributed not only to drivers and road traffic, but also to the way of life.

Value of expression

So what does “snatch up” mean? The value of a phraseological unit: "show your exclusivity and importance to others with special behavior." But people who have weight in society, without pride and not lifting their nose to others, cause respect in society. It is said that those who walk, with their heads raised high and lifting their noses up, see nothing under their feet. Therefore, such people, imagining a lot about themselves, risk to stumble and fall.

As for the origin of the phraseologism, "raising his nose," it is difficult to say anything with certainty. Most likely, it has a household character and arose by observation. Here we take, for example, the school environment.How many such cases, when the first beauties and beauties in school in adult life become ordinary personalities merging with the gray mass of the crowd. They do not achieve anything, beauty slowly fades, and the mind does not increase. Conversely, a gray mouse was sitting at her desk, she didn’t dare to squeak among pathetic classmates, and then suddenly you looked, but she flourished, made a career, got married well and everything became her rank, and what a beautiful girl became ... You can’t tear your eyes off! And how could this be? And the one that was a school star, began to drink, went along the curve ... In general, the matter, as they say, is rubbish. The same thing happens with the guys. He was a local playboy, and suddenly he was lying under a fence, got drunk ... And he gave such hopes, walked, his nose up, all the girls dried on it! No wonder they say: “The success of a person is 1% of talent and 99% of hard work!”

Interestingly, not only individuals, but also entire empires, which, as history shows, also endure similar failures, think a lot about themselves! So pride is punishable!nagging a synonym

Meaning and morality

Most idioms have their meaning. What is the meaning of the expression "snatch", what is the moral? The point is that one should not boast, ponder too much before anyone else.All of us are people first and foremost, and we must live in such a way that future generations will not be ashamed of us in order not to blush before society. Of course, you need to respect yourself and others. That's just people often lose the sense of the line between self-esteem and arrogance. It can be said that “snatching up” is synonymous with vanity, of mock importance, arrogance and swagger.sense of expression nose up

Therefore, it is necessary to learn real human values, genuine self-esteem, a sense of proportion, a healthy sense of dignity. You cannot allow yourself to wipe your feet on yourself, but you cannot do this with others either! Self-esteem is a feeling that does not allow a person to dirty his soul with all sorts of abominations and to do it to others.

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How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 51

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How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 91

How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 71

How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 36

How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 70

How to understand the expression with his nose up, what is its origin 24