How to use the printer?

With the development of technical progress, the most variedoffice equipment, including printers, filled all modern enterprises, production and offices. We no longer imagine work and life without these useful devices and in case of their unexpected breakdown, we often begin to panic. However, there are a number of tips and guidelines on how to use the printer. You just have to follow these simple rules for using copying equipment.


  • Do not use materials that arewere in use. Do not print on already used paper, as this often breaks the copier or printer. Paper, which is printed on one side, as it may seem, is quite suitable for repeated use in a copying machine. But because of this erroneous opinion, your copier can stay in the service center for a long time. The thing is that such paper is wrinkled or stuck in the apparatus.
  • It happens that on used paper oftenremain staples. They can cause a rupture of the materials of the stove or fuser if the sheets of paper with staples fall into the copier. Any impulse or hindrance in the thermal film can cause improper baking of the toner. Printing material may deteriorate, or even stop. In addition, metal objects that have fallen into the copier damage the photoconductor coating, which prevents magnetization of the toner and correct printing of the original image.
  • The most common fault in laserprinters - the presence in their mechanism of nail files or hairpins. Girls with long hair should observe the necessary safety techniques, since hairs in the fuser or in the driving mechanisms can cause damage to the printing and copying equipment.
  • To extend the life of the printertechnicians should periodically carry out planned prophylaxis. This way you will avoid getting insects and dust accumulations in the printer mechanism. Since any object, including dust, distorts the light rays mirror image, which spoils the copying of important documents.
  • How to work with a printer designed forpersonal use? This technique is not designed to print a large number of copies at the same time. Therefore, you should give the copier or laser printer a rest and constantly monitor the operation of the fans, if any.
  • When you follow tips on how to use the printer, you extend the term of the exploitation ego.

About the correct connection of the printer and the computer is written in another our article: "How to connect the printer to the computer?".

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