How to walk the dog?

So a long-awaited friend appeared in your house. The most important thing you need to understand is that the dog performs not only the function of the toy, it is a living being with its needs, and it needs your care. It is important not only to monitor the correct diet of a fluffy friend, but also to know how to walk with the dog so that walking in the fresh air is useful for her and not harmful.

Where to walk with the dog

Start walking with a young dog is better in a safe place. Make sure that there is no nearby transport and dangerous passages. Also, do not let her go to the dog grounds, so that your dog does not pick up a disease, do not forget that it connects with the owner, and does not learn bad manners. The dog may cease to obey the owner, destroying everything that was so diligently built between them at home. It is much more difficult to control a pet on the street, he does not want to carry out commands, but he obeys reluctantly and very slowly. The thing is that there are a lot of distractions around, they don’t allow to concentrate, so be calm and not worry about it.

A puppy, moreover, should not be allowed to walk in a canine cluster.An aggressive adult dog may scare or even chew on it.

Some owners doubt whether you can take your pet with you to the forest, hiking or out of town. Do not hesitate - it is possible and even necessary. And the young and adult dog will only go on a pose such walks. She will become not only healthy, but also smart. Teach her to recognize her place in a village house, a tent, behave properly in transport and calmly react to the noise of cars and crowded streets. The dog must properly treat pets: sheep, chickens, goats, cows, etc., as well as stop being afraid of high grass, water and thickets.

What to do on a walk

Everything that you taught your furry comrade at home, repeat in the street. But do not continuously pull it with some teams, and switch attention to yourself. Give it some time to be independent. Let him go about his business, and you just look. Play with the dog hide and seek. Sometimes hide behind a tree or a bush and you will see that she will pay attention to this and start looking for you. Such games are useful, as the dog should keep track of where you are and remind yourself of yourself, instead of you running after him.

To walk the dog

Walk with animals, as well as feed him, must master.Do not let children take it outside on their own. They are unlikely to be able to keep the dog or to ensure that he behaves correctly.

When walking the dog

When the puppy is one and a half months old, you can take him outside. Until this time, you should not do this, as the dog is still very weak and needs protection and warmth. The first one and a half months establish acquaintance and personal connection.

Go out before feeding and do not practice various commands before the dog runs out. Every time, be sure to give her physical exertion so that she is healthy and forms the exterior of the young dog.

How much should you walk with the dog

The first walk should be no more than 10-15 minutes. The purpose of such walks is to teach the dog to walk daily at one time to get fresh air and go to the toilet. If you have the opportunity, bring the puppy out after each sleep, and already an adult pet 2-3 times a day. This is a general rule, but in fact, if your dog will walk more often and longer, it will be much healthier.

An adult dog in an urban setting will be quite enough, and two times a day.In the morning and in the evening, take her out, but don't leave her unattended, thinking that I will go for a walk with the dog and read the newspaper on the bench.

Communication with strangers

Teach your puppy a calm attitude towards all strangers. Do not allow others to iron and play with him. Let the rest talk to your dog more strictly. Wean her from the habit of expressing a friendly attitude towards your acquaintances, putting their front paws on them. This is a bad habit. To prevent the dog from smearing the clothes of another person, ask him to lift one leg and bend it at the knee when the dog tries to touch it with its paws. The dog will stumble several times on the barrier and will eventually stop trying to do so.

Dog after vaccination

After vaccination, you can walk with your dog after 7-10 days. Choose sunny, dry weather and lead the animal to a strange place where there are no cars and other dogs that can frighten and upset your friend. Best of all, it was a spacious meadow with low vegetation, and the dog did not have to jump all the time and get out of the undergrowth. Take for a walk toys and some goodies.

It is better if you bring a pet in your arms to the place where he will have the opportunity to walk. Conveniently, when he is accustomed to a leash, to a collar and responds to his nickname, if these skills have not yet been developed, you can deal with this issue right on a walk or at home.

If the weather leaves much to be desired, then wear a warm jumpsuit on your pet, if it's a hurricane at all, then take it out for a while, just so that it can recover.

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