How to write an essay "Characteristics of man"

Write an essay "Characteristics of a person" can ask students of different classes - both younger and older. To understand how to properly perform such a task, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances and features.writing characteristic of man

What to write in the essay on the topic "Characteristics of man"

The name of the creative task speaks for itself. It is necessary to describe the person who is selected by the object. Depending on what requirements on the subject, you can describe someone from parents, classmates or close friend, friend. In the work "Characteristics of a man" should be told about the following details:

  • Write who exactly is characterized by the person.
  • Describe the parameters of appearance, such as height, weight, build.
  • You also need to write about the peculiarities of the character of the person who is selected as the main character to compose.
  • You can tell that in this man there is something that is not in other friends.

These are the basic parameters that need to be conveyed when an essay “Characteristics of a Person” is written. At will, each student can add something from himself to the creative task. Such a move will certainly be encouraged by the teacher.

Writing plan

To make it easier for the child to write the task, you can make a work plan. The standard writing order is as follows:

  • Introduction. In this part, you need to briefly write about who will be discussed in the essay.
  • Main part. Here in detail you need to talk about what kind of person to write a full description.
  • Completion. In this part it is necessary to sum up, draw conclusions about the person being essay on the subject of characterization

If you wish, you can make a more detailed plan to make it easier for your son or daughter to write an essay on a given topic.

Short essay "Characteristics of a man"

The length of the composition depends on the student’s preferences. Some like to write down a detailed and detailed description, while others, on the contrary, prefer to express thoughts briefly and succinctly. Both options are valid and deserve high marks, if correctly and gradually disclose the topic. For an example, you can take the following idea of ​​a short essay:

I have a friend Arthur. We have been friends with him since childhood, as my mother says, from the cradle.

Arthur's height is above average, he has a large physique and a beautiful pumped-up figure. Arthur is a very funny guy. He has a joke on every word, so it’s never boring to my friend. Arthur is serious about learning, especially he is interested in physics and mathematics. Any control on these subjects is performed by him with ease, and the teacher greatly appreciates his efforts. Arthur is very self-confident and there are always a lot of girls and boys around him.

I think that my friend and I are similar to each other. I am very proud that I have such a comrade as Arthur.friend's characteristic

Such a characteristic of a person is quite suitable for a student. The teacher will appreciate the sincerity and completeness of the expressed thoughts.

Expanded composition

Pupils who believe that brevity is not their sister can talk about their friend in more detail, including all thoughts in the composition. For an example, you can take this idea:

I have a girlfriend, whose name is Olya. I can talk about her endlessly because this is a very interesting, versatile and special person.

Olya is a tall girl, I believe that this is her dignity, because she can become a real model that walks on the runway. Olya thinks otherwise, she is shy of her height and all the time she tries to hide him without attracting attention to herself. She is very thin, so her figure can be envied.

Olya is very modest and reads a lot. She especially loves love stories. Olya tries not to wear too much jewelry on herself, again, so as not to attract too much attention to herself. My girlfriend dresses very nicely, usually you can see her in dresses or sundresses. All Olya's shoes are without heels, because she is already a tall enough girl. I always tell my girlfriend to enter a model school. After all, from the fact that it considers a disadvantage, you can make a virtue.

Olya is never sad, she always comes up with interesting and fun activities that give a lot of positive emotions. I am very glad that I have such a girlfriend.

Such an essay is detailed and describes a friend in detail. According to this characteristic, one can draw in the imagination the image of a girl and understand what she is.

Regardless of whether a short essay is written or long, the most important thing is to fully express your thoughts in order to earn a good grade and to please the teacher with your creativity.

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