I love my husband

“I love my husband, and I don’t care what you think about it! Leave your comments with you, ”wrote the footballer’s wife, Mamaeva, on Instagram.
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Is she a good wife or an ordinary woman?
A few days before Mamaev and Kokorin beat two people, Alana (that is the name of his wife) vaguely hinted at a divorce.
Cost Mamaev plunge into the shit on the very eyebrows - she's right there. I am for you, my love! And in grief too.
I look at all this and think: perhaps she loves him. And how not to love? He pulled it out of the mud, laundered it, took it by the hand into people, did not hesitate to say about the girl’s very ugly past.
Such an ugly, that not a single decent man would subscribe to her.
It seems to me that Alan loves her husband, like a beaten, grateful dog loves the owner, who dragged her from the street into the house.
And I also think that not only the officials who have breakfast in the cafe arrive in the head with a chair from Mamaev. Alana also gets it. Not only gifts are given to her, but cuffs, I think.
In general, in my opinion, this is her "I love my husband" looks pitiful.

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