IA Bunin, "Net Monday": a short summary of the work

The main characters met by chance, in December. Listening to the lecture of Andrei Bely, the young man laughed and turned so that the girl who was next to her, who at first looked at him with some bewilderment, finally laughed too. After that, every evening he went to the apartment of the heroine, which she shot only because of the beautiful view that opens onto the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

bunin and a net Monday a summary of the chapters

In the evening lovers went to dine in expensiverestaurants, went to various concerts, visited theaters ... He did not know how this connection would end, and even tried not to allow such thoughts in his mind, because it forever stopped talking about the future. So Bunin begins "Clean Monday". The summary of the story, published in 1944, is presented to your attention.

Bunin Clean Monday


The heroine was incomprehensible and mysterious. Relationships between lovers were vague and strange, so the young man was constantly in agonizing expectation, unresolved tension. However, every hour, shared with the heroine, was for him happiness.

The girl was in Moscow alone (her father,an educated man from a merchant noble family, was a widower and lived in Tver already in peace), studied at the courses (simply because she liked the story) and constantly learned the beginning of one melody - "Moonlight Sonata", just the beginning. He gave her flowers, fashion books and chocolate, in return receiving only a distracted and indifferent "Thank you ...". It seemed that she was not interested in anything, it was not necessary, but she still chose certain flowers, read all the gifts she presented, ate chocolate, and ate with appetite.

the contents of the book net Monday

Only expensive fur and clothes were her only obvious weakness, which marks Bunin ("Clean Monday"). The summary would be incomplete without a description of the characters of the young man and the girl.

Two opposites

Both heroes were healthy, rich, young and veryare so good, so much so that at concerts and in restaurants they were followed by enthusiastic glances. He was from somewhere in the Penza province, beautiful "Italian" southern beauty. The character of the hero was appropriate: cheerful, lively, constantly ready for a smile. The beauty of the girl was some kind of Persian, Indian, and as far as he was restless and talkative, she was so thoughtful and silent.

Doubts of the hero

Describing the summary of Bunin's story"Clean Monday", it is necessary to note doubts, which sometimes possessed a hero. Even when he suddenly kissed her hotly and passionately, she did not resist it, but she was always silent. And when I felt that the hero could not cope with herself, she withdrew silently, went to her bedroom and dressed for departure. The girl said that she was not fit to marry. The young man thought: "There it will be visible!" - and never after that did not talk about marriage.

Sometimes, however, this situation was for the gentlemanunbearably excruciating. He began to think that this is not love. Having said this to the girl, the hero heard in response that no one really knows what love is. After that, they talked again only the stranger the whole evening, and the young man rejoiced that he was just nearby, he hears her voice, looks at the lips that he kissed an hour ago.

Forgiveness Sunday

We continue to describe the main events of the story,who created Bunin ("Clean Monday"). The summary of their next. Two months of winter passed, January and February, and then Maslenitsa. The heroine dressed in all black on a forgiven Sunday, saying that tomorrow is pure Monday, and gave her knave the idea to go to the Novodevichy Convent. He looked at her in surprise, and she talked about the sincerity and beauty of the funeral of an archbishop-schismat, about the singing of a church choir, about visits to Kremlin cathedrals in solitude ... Then they walked for a long time along the Novodevichy cemetery, visited the graves of Chekhov and Ertel, long and unsuccessfully They searched for the house where Griboyedov lived, after which they went to Okhotny Ryad, to the tavern.

Here it was warm and there was a lotcabs. The heroine said that this Rus was preserved now only somewhere in the northern monasteries, and that she would one day leave in the most deaf of them. Again he looked at her with concern and surprise: what with her today, again quirks? This question is asked by the hero, and with it, Bunin.

summary of the story of bunin net Monday

Pure Monday

A brief summary of the following events is as follows. The next day the girl asked to take her to the theater, to skits, although she said that there was nothing more vulgar than him. Here she constantly smoked and looked attentively at the actors who were twisted to the amusement of the audience. One of them looked at her with an air of greed, and then, leaning against his hand, asked about her knight: "What kind of handsome man is this? I hate." Going out from the cabbage in the third hour of the night, she half-jokingly, half-seriously said that the actor was certainly right, "of course, handsome." Against the custom, that evening she dismissed the crew.

In the apartment, the heroine immediately went to her bedroom, took off her dress and in some slippers, combing her black hair with a comb, standing in front of the dressing table, said: "I said that I do not think much about him.


In the morning the hero woke up, feeling on herself her gaze. The girl reported that she was leaving for Tver in the evening, and she did not know whether she would write for a long time, as soon as she arrived.

Here are the further events of the story, their briefcontent. "Clean Monday" Bunin IA continues as follows. The letter received in two weeks was laconic - firm, though affectionate, please do not wait, do not attempt to see and find the heroine. The girl said that while she was going to be a novice, then, perhaps, she would decide to become a nun. He spent a long time in taverns, more and more sinking. Then he gradually began to recover - hopelessly, indifferently ...

Two years later

Since that day almost 2 years have passed. In such a quiet evening the hero took a cab and headed to the Kremlin. Here he did not pray for a long time in the Archangel Cathedral, after which he traveled a lot, like two years ago, through the dark streets and cried.

Summary of the book "Net Monday"comes to the end. The young man decided to stop at the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery, where the girlish choir sang tenderly and sorrowfully. At first the janitor did not want to let him in, but he agreed for a ruble, sighing with contrition. Then the banners and icons brought from the church appeared, and a string of nuns with candles appeared.

a short summary of net Monday bunin and

He looked at them, and suddenly one of the girlsShe raised her head and looked at him in the dark, as if seeing. What could she discern, how did the young man feel? He turned and quietly left the gate.

Thus ends his story Bunin IA. ("Clean Monday"). The summary of the chapters is interesting and intriguing.

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