Igor Netto: biography, personal life and interesting facts.

Igor Alexandrovich Netto is a true legend of Soviet sports. In the record of this outstanding football player - a huge number of personal awards, cups and medals. However, the hero of this article is not only a wonderful athlete. In the memory of many, he remained a wonderful person.

A family

Igor Alexandrovich Netto was born on January 9, 1930 in Moscow. His parents were very interesting people. Igor's father - Alexander Genrikhovich - ardent revolutionary, Latvian rifleman. On his life's journey, he had to go through three wars - the Japanese, the First World War and the civil one. The future football player’s mother, Julia Vilgelmovna, was the secretary of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs until her son was born. According to her memoirs, she saw Lenin, Trotsky and Chicherin - the leaders of the revolutionary movement in Russia.

In the family, Igor was the second child. He had an older brother Leo. By the wayThe parents gave the name to their first child in honor of Lev Davydovich Trotsky, whom the Netto couple idolized.

Igor Netto inherited the Italian surname. After all, the great-great-great-grandmother of the future football player after his father came from this country. In the 18th century, he moved to Estonia, where he took roots. In the early 20th century, the Netto family moved to Moscow. After there was a revolution, the birth of sons and high posts of Father Igor. In the biography of this Latvian shooter, an inexplicable release so far from arrest, and then death, also happened.

Igor A. NetOnly Italian roots can explain the hot temperament, which was inherent in the famous football player. After all, this character could not boast Estonians, who are accustomed to do everything without haste and very thoroughly.

Getting to know sports

Already from his childhood years, Igor Netto started playing football. His biography as a great athlete began with the fact that at the beginning of the 40s, the elder brother led the boy to the team involved in the Moscow House of Pioneers. For Soviet football, this day was truly happy.

However, despite his love of sports, Igor Netto could not decide for a long time what he should choose. He liked not only football, but also hockey.The fate of the young athlete decided after he met with representatives of the Moscow "Spartak". It was they who convinced the guy that he was destined to a football career.

Igor Netto (photo below) began to show his talent at an early age.

igor net

Many experts dreamed of getting such a player to their team. As a result, an 18-year-old extraordinary young man became involved in the sports academy of the Spartak club (Moscow) and was in its main composition.

The development of football in the USSR

In 1948, Igor Netto took part in his first official match, wearing the white and red uniform of the Moscow "Spartak". It was a time when in a war-torn country the football infrastructure was in its infancy. Athletes did not have the necessary training fields. Fallen hard and fans. They did not even dare to dream of such comfortable stadiums that the country is proud of today.

igor net private lifeIn this regard, in the popularization and development of football in the USSR, some prominent personalities played a role, among which is Netto. Igor became a real sports star and a symbol of his generation.

Football player career

After his debut in the Spartak Moscow team, Igor Netto immediately became a permanent member of this club. Somewhat later he was elected captain.

As part of the Russian club, Igor Netto played for nineteen seasons. And this is 368 official and friendly meetings. During this period, an extraordinary midfielder won the USSR championships five times and raised the National Cup three times over his head. Igor Netto received so many awards that only legendary forward Oleg Blokhin was in front of him. In addition to the team team, an outstanding football player was awarded many individual prizes.

Igor Netto is a football player who appeared 13 times in the list of the best players participating in the USSR Championship. And only once he was there not in the first place.

Participation in the USSR national team

Very bright was the career of a football player in the national team. It was the USSR national team, which included in the period from 1952 to 1965. performed Netto. Igor Alexandrovich played fifty-four matches in which he scored 4 goals.

An interesting fact is that in the national team the outstanding player was assigned a slightly different role than in his own club.During international matches, Netto was the defensive midfielder.

net igorBeing a member of the main football team, Igor Alexandrovich received the honorary title of winner of the 1956 Olympiad. He also received gold medals at the European Championship, which took place in 1960.

Igor Netto’s perseverance and fairness is told by an incident that occurred during a meeting with the Uruguayan national team. In this match, striker Igor Chislenko was able to strike at the opponents' goal from an acute angle. The ball hit the net from the outside through a slot in the net. Despite the fact that the judge counted a goal, the captain of the USSR national team insisted on its cancellation. Our team did everything to win this match, but only under fair conditions.

Professional quality

Igor Netto was a surprisingly technical player. The ball and the football player seemed to be made for each other. Being on the field, Igor Alexandrovich could do almost everything. His only weak point was a long-range strike.

According to many experts, Netto can be called the ancestor of the Spartak style. This is a game with a short and medium pass.Today it is customary to say that the leader of Soviet football was a real conductor on the field. He perfectly saw the whole situation, felt and understood the game.

net stadiumAbout Net often write that he literally lived football. And this is not fiction, but absolute truth. Football for an athlete was more than just a game. Igor took the team and his captain duties more than seriously. He was strict and demanding of himself, and expected the same from his partners.

Interestingly, Igor Netto had a peculiar nickname. His name was Goose. The nickname, most likely, was given for a kind of running athlete and his manner of holding his head high. In addition, Igor was gangly.

The player himself simply hated his nickname. However, what could he do about it? One day, one of the Cairo newspapers placed a friendly cartoon on our footballer. It was the image of the head of the Soviet captain, who flaunted on a long goose neck. Seeing the picture, Netto simply boiled with indignation, asking a translator to tell the Arabs that they were idiots. However, he, being the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatically “conveyed” that the cartoon player really liked the cartoon.

Hockey hobby

Igor Netto loved not only football. He was fond of hockey. In this player’s career, there was a certain moment when he picked up a club as a professional athlete. Having taken part in the twenty-two official matches of the Spartak hockey club (Moscow), the player was marked by twenty-nine assists.

Invitation to a foreign club

At one time, Igor Netto received an offer to play in Real Madrid. The president of this now famous club decided to involve in his team not only a famous football player, but also Blokhin, Ivanov, Bubukin and Monday. This was a true acknowledgment of the merits of Netto, but he simply could not accept such an offer. In the USSR, football players were considered to be amateurs, and there could be no question of moving abroad.

Complicated biography page

Each time, traveling with the USSR national team abroad, Netto had to fill out a questionnaire. In the column "Relatives" he wrote that he had a brother, who disappeared during the war without a trace, and which Igor Alexandrovich does not know anything about. However, this was not true. Igor was well aware that his brother Leo was alive. He knew, and where he is.

This story had its roots. During the war, Lev Aleksandrovich was in captivity and was in a fascist camp near Frankfurt. In March 1945, he was released by American troops. In May, the victorious year, he returned home and continued to serve in the army. However, in 1948, Lev Netto was arrested. The reason for this was the denunciation of a colleague. The “American spy” was convicted of 25 years of Gulag. However, eight years later, Lev Alexandrovich was released under an amnesty.

This explains the lie that Igor Netto was forced to write in the questionnaires. After all, kinship with the "enemy of the people" could not only deprive him of obtaining a visa, but also change his fate.

Of course, by the time the USSR national team went to the championship in Chile, Lev Netto was already free. However, it is known that in those years legal rehabilitation meant little. Once stamped with the stroke of a pen, it cannot be removed. Igor concealed information about his brother throughout his professional career.

Personal life

If you do not count the sports field, then the captain of “Spartacus” can be called a person who is not very happy. Igor Netto, whose personal life was unfortunate from the very beginning, was at one time in love with the gymnast champion Shamray. However, the girl chose a friend of a famous football player - Anatoly Ilyin.Later Netto had another love. She was an eighteen-year-old student Olya. On January 9, they scheduled a wedding, but the triumph was upset. After that, he met Zaporozhanka Olga Yakovleva. An 18-year-old student at the Shchukin School agreed to marry a 30-year-old football player. The guests at this wedding were Mikhail Yanshin and Ruben Simonov, Nikolai Ozerov and Evgeny Morgunov. The bridegroom's mother did not come to the wedding. Julia Vilgelmovna immediately realized that a young student was getting married. But despite the mother’s protest, Igor Netto and Olga Yakovleva became husband and wife.

Igor netto photoAlready after half a year, the photo of the young spouse of a football player with the Cup of Europe he had just won bypassed almost all world publications. However, Olga did not like her husband's occupation. Football for her was something incomprehensible and boring.

Thanks to her husband's acquaintances, the young actress got a job at one of the best Moscow theaters. Here Anatoly Efros, who worked as the main director, drew attention to her. Olga became the prima in the theater. There were rumors about the novel by Yakovlev and Efros. However, Igor did not want to believe in betrayal of his wife, although he was very worried in his heart.

Netto worshiped Olga, who had a tremendous impact on him. In many ways, he owes her that he was a most cultured man, loved the theater, learned English and played chess well. In addition, the football player became interested in American jazz and knew all the musicians and singers in this direction.

But Yakovlev did not go to the stadium, and did not even go to the training base. She was in no hurry to have children. The most important in life for Olga was a career.

Bastard daughter

Until recently, it was believed that in the life of the famous captain of the USSR national team there were no children. After all, his wife lived only art and did not think at all about diapers and vests. However, on the slope of his years, Igor Netto’s brother decided to reveal a family secret. He told that there is an illegal daughter of Igor Netto. She was born on 11/28/1959. Her name is Netto's daughter, Irina Zakharova.

It turned out that before the marriage with Olga Yakovleva, the soccer player had an affair with a girl from Klyazma, Lilia Ustinova. No one knows what caused their disagreement, but they broke up. Soon Ustinova married the trumpeter Vladimir Grishin, and seven months later she gave birth to a daughter, Irina.She told her husband that the girl was born prematurely. In 1979, Irina married Mikhail Zakharov, who is known as an entrepreneur and an ardent football fan. For most of her life, she did not know who her real father was. True revealed only after the death of the mother. About who the real father of Irina, it became known from the sister of Lily Olga.

last years of life

After the end of his playing career, Netto wrote the book “This is Football,” which became autobiographical. The author devoted his work to that period of his life when he was part of the Moscow "Spartak". Memoirs of Igor Alexandrovich saw the light in 1974

club net Igor weekly footballIn the last years of his life, Netto was a coach. He worked in the Cyprus Omonia, the Russian Shinnik and Spartak. He was engaged in Netto coaching in the Azerbaijani “Oilman” and the Greek “Panionis”. From 1970 to 1971 Igor Alexandrovich led the Iranian national team.

In the last years of his life, the legendary athlete was seriously ill, experiencing serious memory problems. Unfortunately, his wife simply refused him, and he moved to his brother's apartment.

Died Net 03/30/1999They buried the famous football player at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery in Moscow. On the monument there is an inscription that millions loved him. All the awards received by the player went to the Spartak Club Museum (Moscow), of which he was a bright and extraordinary player for many years. In memory of Netto, a memorial plaque was opened on the house where he lived for forty-two years.

Until 2014, in the area Bogorodskoe was Igor Netto Stadium. The youth squad, as well as the teams that are part of the Spartak sports school, are engaged in his field. Today, this stadium is named after N.P. Starostin.

There are in Moscow and the symbolic club of Igor Netto. Futbol weekly tells its readers that he has united Soviet and Russian footballers who have played fifty or more matches in their national teams, and then the CIS and Russia. The founder of the club is football statistics and lawyer V. Chudakov, as well as journalist A. Vladykin.

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