Remember, before, often on an Internet, there was a caricature where a person lay and asked for help, but no one helped him and everyone took pictures. Type all around bloggers / photographers. I did not think I would see it on video.
In Venice, a 22-year-old refugee from the Gambia drowned in the Grand Canal under the laughter and cries of the crowd.
No one jumped to help the drowning man, but he was thrown a few rescue circles, which the man did not use. “Yes, he is stupid! He wants to die, ”heard the cries of one of the eyewitnesses. “Let's go home,” says the other. Rescuers said they did not want to blame anyone for the death of a man, but he could have been saved if someone from the witnesses of the incident came to the rescue.
Local media reported that the deceased arrived from Africa in 2015 and received refugee status.

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