Inflammation of hair follicles: causes and methods of treatment

Inflammation that affects the hair follicles in the form of painful vesicles filled with purulent fluid is called folliculitis. Detect lesions can be in any area of ​​the body, except for the mucous membranes, palms, feet and several areas on the face where the follicles are absent by default.inflammation of hair follicles

Causes of folliculitis

Inflammation of the hair follicles may develop on its own, if infected with a fungal infection, under the influence of a virus, or for other reasons. But most often the pathology accompanies the underlying disease as a complication. Dermatoses are the most common skin lesions that cause inflammation of the hair follicles. Often, problems with the skin occur with long-term diabetes or anemia.

Other situations in which a person can detect single or multiple lesions of a characteristic type:

  • long stays in the heat or in a stuffy closed space;
  • non-compliance with basic hygiene standards;
  • constant wearing of a headdress that does not allow air, or clothes made of synthetics;
  • enhanced hyperhidrosis;
  • minor cuts, abrasions, followed by the introduction of an infectious pathogen.

In women, inflammation of the hair follicles is often diagnosed after long courses of taking contraceptives, while wearing tight, synthetic underwear, after poor-quality hair dyeing with cheap dyes or depilations.folliculitis treatment

Symptoms of the disease

There are three degrees of damage to the bulb located in the epidermis:

  • ostiofollikulit;
  • folliculitis;
  • sycosis.

In the first case, only the superficial portion of the follicles is damaged, in the second, if treatment is not started, the inflammation goes inside the follicular cavity. The third degree, the hardest, occurs when the bulb is completely damaged.

In order to prevent the dynamic development of the disease, one should know the first symptoms of the disease and signs of deterioration when follicles pass to the next stage:

  • separate inflammations in the form of pink rash elements;
  • gradually the rash spreads around the initial focus, increasing in size and acquiring a specific appearance - a purulent bubble with a hair at the center of the formation;
  • in place of the bursting bubble immediately appears scab transparent color;
  • in rare cases, high temperatures are noted;
  • the localization of the pustules is itchy, and when ripe the pustules it hurts;
  • there are cases of focal alopecia in areas of sycotic lesions.

Inflammation of hair follicles on the head in children occurs as an accompaniment to dermatitis (especially seborrhea), as well as in connection with common diseases that entail a sharp decrease in immunity.inflammation of the hair follicles on the head in children

Localization of foci

Since the inflammation of the hair follicles is a transient phenomenon, most often the appearance of a rash is associated with the use of other people's hygiene items. The scalp, as a rule, suffers, but it is possible that anxious signs appear in the groin, on the upper and lower extremities, in the armpits.

The onset of symptoms of the disease on the pubic area and armpits is often complicated by an increase in nearby lymph nodes, and after healing of ulcers that are in the stage of deep damage, no passing scars or ulcers remain in their place.The same period is indicated by partial alopecia.

On the legs and armpits, the bulbs are damaged as a result of a rough, traumatic shaving with a machine or after depilation. Folliculitis on the hands is often diagnosed in men who work in unsanitary conditions (at a construction site, in a waste treatment facility), or in women who use poor-quality washing (washing, cleaning) products without gloves.

Drug treatment of folliculitis

Inflammation of hair follicles is treated at home with medications prescribed by a dermatologist. Schedule of therapy is preceded by diagnosis and determination of the cause of the disease.

Drugs prescribed in the treatment of folliculitis:

  • local antibacterial drugs: "Gentamicin", "Levomekol";
  • antiseptics: 3% hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka, Miramistin, Fukortsin;
  • local antifungal agents: Nizoral, Mikozoral;
  • antiallergic tablets: Zodak, Suprastin.

Regardless of the causative agent of the disease, conventional zinc ointment, applied in the form of applications to the affected area, is successfully applied to any degree of damage.

inflammation of the hair follicles causes

Treatment of recurrent or advanced forms

Antibiotics are prescribed if the disease is detected already at the stage of sycosis, that is, there are multiple lesions with purulent formations of different degrees of maturation. In this case, along with the main treatment, sulfonamides and drugs that increase the immune defense are prescribed.

When applying local funds on areas with ripened or opened pustules, do not press on the affected place or try to open the formation by yourself. This action is carried out only under sterile conditions in the treatment room.


Apparatus therapy of folliculitis is provided to the patient as part of additional services and is one of the most effective methods of treating inflammation of the hair follicles. From the point of view of safety and quickness of a positive effect, the effect of ultraviolet irradiation to a depth of up to 10 mm of the affected area is best recommended.

The duration of the course is negotiated individually, but does not exceed ten procedures. The frequency of exposure is also governed only by the severity of the patient's condition and his susceptibility to treatment.folliculitis on hands

Folk methods

Funds of the national health resort cannot replace the main therapy, but they are successfully used as concomitant treatment of folliculitis due to the high concentration of tannins, binders, natural antiseptics and stabilizers of regeneration processes in many herbal remedies. Doctors support additional treatment with traditional methods using the following active ingredients that are part of decoctions and tinctures:

All of the above herbal ingredients are prepared in a low degree of concentration - for ingestion - and in a highly concentrated form - for outdoor use.

Prognosis and complications

If the disease is not stopped in the first two weeks after the onset of the first symptoms, or the means used by the patient do not meet the goal of treatment, complications such as:

  • dermatophytosis;
  • lymphadenitis;
  • carbuncle;
  • abscess.

The prognosis for recovery from the development of complications depends on the direction that the disease has taken, and can mean a difficult outcome, even fatal. Children under the age of one year of life are at particular risk, therefore, treatment of this category of patients occurs only in stationary conditions.

inflammation of hair follicles treatment methods

Folliculitis prevention

You can prevent skin pathology by simply adhering to basic hygienic standards and completely curing all diseases associated with the entry of infections and viruses. If a person who has a follicles disease is surrounded by relatives or colleagues, you should wash and treat your hands more often with antiseptics and be sure to contact a dermatologist when you first suspect a disease.

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