Installing a gas meter in the apartment. Household gas meters

Obligatory supply of water pipelines with meters eventually led to considerable savings in finances and the resource itself. Despite this, the implementation process lasted for years and today it is difficult to talk about its completion. A similar principle is planned for the modernization of gas supply. Installation of consumption meters is not mandatory, and the expediency of using blue fuel calculation systems is still under question. Many bona fide citizens have already begun to supplement gas equipment with metering devices.

The expediency of installing the counter

gas meter installation in the apartment

The initiative about the general supply of communication networks with measuring instruments has well-founded arguments. In particular, the installation of a gas meter in an apartment simplifies the system for calculating fuel, increases energy efficiency, control over consumed resources and gives undoubted economic benefits.However, with a detailed approach to the analysis of the project, specialists had doubts about the achievement of the objectives.

The fact is that gas payments are not as high as compared to investments in the installation and maintenance of meters. And even the optimization of control and calculation of gas tariffs at the expense of the devices being introduced does not justify innovation. On the other hand, devices prove to be effective in cases where a high level of consumption is expected.

In this regard, the best project was found, according to which the mandatory installation of gas meters is valid only for citizens who use fuel for cooking. The need to supply equipment with calculation devices concerns owners who use gas as a source for heating.

Who to contact for installation?

Unlike meters for water and electricity, gas models require a professional approach to installation. Such services are provided by gas distribution departments and licensed companies of the corresponding profile.

Directly installation is carried out after receipt of the application.The document is attached to the registration certificate for the property in which it is planned to install or replace a gas meter, as well as a receipt for payment for the services of the supplying organization. Then the very possibility of introducing the device is checked: the state of the pipeline and the characteristics of the room are assessed.

When all the formal nuances of the event are agreed, you can proceed to the selection of the device and its installation.

What to consider when choosing a counter?

When deciding on the purchase of a specific model measuring instrument for gas, it is necessary to focus on the following parameters:

  • Gas consumption
  • Date of manufacture of the device.
  • Side fuel supply.gas meter Price

The first step is to figure out what the total volume of consumption. It is necessary that the installation of a gas meter in the apartment ensured further correct readings. For this, the “voracity” of gas equipment and equipment is calculated. For example, in one hour a stove with four rings consumes an average of 1.56 m3and column - 2.50 m3. By adding these data, you can get the optimal rate for selecting a meter by the volume of gas consumed.

The release date of the device is not critical, but it is important to determine the nearest verification period. Each device has its own period of operation, after which a revision of its state is necessary. Many people mistakenly believe that the time for the next inspection is calculated from the time of installation, but this is not so. Usually, gas meters are calibrated after a set period from the date of production.

The direction of gas flow should also be considered when choosing a device. Supply can be done on the left or right side - it is necessary to correlate this parameter with the design of the device

Types of gas meters

The market of measuring gas equipment for domestic needs offers a wide range of models of different types. Modern gas meters, reviews of which in most testify to their accuracy and reliability, have many differences that must be taken into account.

gas meter replacement

It is worth starting the review with membrane devices which are more often used in everyday life. The counting mechanism is activated by the movement of the membranes. Representatives of this class are able to work in a wide range of gas consumption: from indicators in small apartments (on average 2.5 m3/ h) to large values ​​of industrial facilities (about 100 m3/ h)

The advantages of this category are vividly illustrated by the Octave gas meter, which is implemented in two versions: with left- and right-handed fuel supply. Buyers have access to special models for metering the consumption of gas stoves, columns, as well as boilers of different capacities. The devices of this line have proven themselves to be a stably functioning device under conditions of pressure and temperature differences. For example, as evidenced by reviews, the transition to winter time does not affect the quality of the measurement.

Ultrasound and small-sized devices are also common. The principle of operation in this case is based on the calculation of the difference from the counteraction of ultrasonic radiation to the flow with the fuel. The small size of gas meters with household ultrasound, allow them to be used in small spaces. Users claim that the device does not take up much space, and its high time interval between checks is reflected in the measurement accuracy.

Some types of rotary appliances are also fully domestic. Accounting is carried out in the measuring chamber by means of two rotors.The advantages of such measuring devices include the ability to maintain accuracy in conditions of fluctuations in consumption. For private use this is not the best gas meter. The price of household versions is 1.5-3 thousand rubles, but the design itself is more likely to be used in utilities and enterprises.

What to consider during the installation?

As noted above, the technical part of the work is performed by a specialized firm or public service. In this case, the owner is required to take the act and the corresponding document from the gas producers for sealing. In a mandatory manner, gas meters for household supplied with devices that record the intervention in the counting mechanism.

From the moment of installation, the owner assumes responsibility for the condition of the device and the seal. Upon installation, an act of the work is signed, and the owner is billed according to the estimate.

gas meter calibration

Issue price

Fees for installation work are different and depend on many factors. Very wide and range of prices for devices. Membrane apparatuses are the most expensive category, which, however, is explained by their high accuracy.A quality gas meter, the price of which exceeds 5 thousand rubles, can be called the optimal solution. In this segment, the devices are distinguished by reliability and functionality. The budget class is represented by devices costing from 1 to 3 thousand rubles.

Together with the installation work, the estimate may reflect a figure of 7-8 thousand rubles, while there are several conditions that affect this amount:

  • the need to perform welding operations;
  • design features of the device;
  • configuration of the location of the pipeline and supplied equipment.

It is recommended to pre-negotiate a list of work procedures and materials to more accurately plan the budget of the event.

How to save when installing?

gas meter free

It is hardly necessary to count on generous discounts during installation, but it is quite possible to eliminate the risks of overpayments. Usually there are associated costs for hoses, shut-off valves, gaskets and other devices. Like the meter itself, these additions can be offered locally by gas workers. To avoid additional costs, it is advisable to stock up a full set of devices in advance.

There is an opinion that utilities should install a gas meter for free, paying for its cost. Unfortunately, it is not.The device relates to the property of the consumer of gas and, accordingly, is acquired for his money. Yet, some companies donate assistance in registering a metering device with a supplier. Also, in order to attract customers, gas organizations offer accounting system components for free.

Meter check and maintenance

gas meters reviews

Gas supply organizations have the right to control the operation of the device. Apart from the fact that the installation of the gas meter in the apartment itself is thoroughly checked, it is also envisaged to control the accuracy of his testimony.

The intervals between checks are on average six months. If the gasman has doubts about the accuracy of the metering, or the device is in an unsatisfactory condition, then an examination is appointed. If violations of the owner are revealed, they may be obliged to dismantle the meter.

At the same time maintenance is the responsibility of the organization performing the installation. Depending on the model of the counting device, the frequency of such checks varies: the intervals are several years.

Instrument Operating Conditions

There are a number of circumstances affecting the quality of operation of the device. In many ways, they are determined by the installation of a gas meter in an apartment, but there are also requirements for the conditions in which metering is performed.

For optimal operation of the device, the gas cleaning ratio before serving should exceed 100 microns. Pressure and flow rates are also important for the accuracy of the readings and the durability of the device. So, the minimum allowable pressure level can be 10%, and the maximum flow rate should not exceed 20%. The environment and working environment can have a temperature in the range from -20 to 60 ° C. These are average indicators, and depending on the meter used, they can vary. As a rule, the conditions in Russian apartments comply with these requirements. Only in rare cases, the verification of gas meters reveals violations in this part of the use of devices. In addition, there is the possibility of buying the device with the most appropriate requests for use.

household gas meters

When to change?

Replacement of the measurement device is allowed only if there is an official act confirming the impossibility of its use or restoration. Especially for the detection of suspicious devices and carried out expert checks.However, the user may himself initiate a replacement by submitting an application to the gas service. The operating device is sent for analysis, and after the appropriate conclusion by specialists, the gas meter will be replaced at the approved tariffs. Typically, such checks take several weeks. Gas consumption during this period is paid at average rates, taking into account the area of ​​the apartment and the number of tenants.

Benefit for the consumer

If we discard the cost of installation and maintenance of the meter, the savings after its introduction will become apparent. Reducing the monthly cost is 20-50%. The most advantageous use of accounting tools for active consumers and owners of several gas appliances. In the aggregate, the operation of heating equipment, stoves, microwave ovens and speakers will be cheaper, but with minimal consumption, the savings factor will also decrease, which should be remembered.

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