Is it worth to go to Thailand in April: reviews of tourists

For many years, Thailand as a touristthe direction remains popular among travelers of different countries. Here tourists from Russia, Europe and America aspire to come. Going to Thailand in April, some are wondering about what can be expected there at this time.

Rains in Thailand

Some travelers, gathering in Thailand inApril, expect there to begin the monsoon rains. But Thailand is a country stretched along the meridian. And this means that the rainy season in different regions of the country comes at different times.

In fact, rains in this damp tropical andsubequatorial climate are often short-lived. But still the rainy season affects the tourist flow and local prices. Therefore, the cost of tourist tours to Thailand in April is Thailand in April

Precipitation there is somewhat different from the usual for the Russian tourist's continental rain. If you get under a short rain, then after it clothes dry out right on the person.

If you go to rest in Krabi, Koh Chang, inPattaya or Phuket, the rainy season there begins in May and lasts until October. But in the northern regions of the country the rainy season begins in April. But as noted above, the precipitation in Thailand is warm and, it can be said, often under them it is nice to get after a debilitating heat.

Northern Thailand

In the northern part of Thailand they go mainly toto get acquainted with local folk art, to visit mountain tribes and see the virgin nature. Chiang Mai is the capital of the northern part of the country, there is a well-developed tourist infrastructure, there are numerous hotels for any pocket, restaurants and cafes.thailand in April

In Chiang Mai, the cool season starts in Novemberand lasts until April month. The temperature during the day varies from 20 to 28 degrees. In the mountains at night it is cold, the air temperature can drop to 0 degrees. At this time, heavy rains with short-term thunderstorms are possible.

But if you go further than civilized ChiangMay, you can see real Thailand. There are remote mountain villages where people grow rice, and in their spare time are engaged in the manufacture of some national crafts. For example, weave rugs, cut out figures of animals from animals or dishes. People often live in simple houses, meet at home even without electricity.

Without special training and escort inthe local jungle is better not to go. And also for a hike in the mountains you will need closed clothes and sports shoes. In addition, such an excursion requires special training. Because in places the road can be difficult and dangerous.

Central Thailand

In Bangkok and the central regions of the country in Aprilmonth, the air temperature is about 35 degrees in the daytime and drops at night to 26 degrees. Because of the heat and heat at this time of year, many tourists try not to linger in the capital of Thailand.

Therefore, many travelers are eager to leave forHua Hin, Pattaya, Koh Chang Phuket or other seaside resorts of the country. Those who chose Bangkok, you can do shopping - in large shopping centers, air conditioners always work. And also you can go to the night markets of the capital and there, bargaining, to buy things you liked and souvenirs.thailand in April weather

In Pattaya and Hua Hin April heat is transferredmuch easier than in Bangkok. And the sea helps in this. Usually, those who arrived in Thailand in April for fun and adventure go to Pattaya. The tranquil city of Hua Hin with its excellent beaches is chosen for family holidays or recreation with children.

Southern Thailand

The most popular destinations in all of Thailandare its southern regions. The main tourist resorts here are Phuket, Koh Samui, Ko Phangan and Krabi, as well as small islands of the Gulf of Thailand. A large number of tourists and local residents come here to relax at any time of the year.thailand in April reviews

Not for nothing in these fabulous places shot the famousthe film "The Beach" featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. By the way, after the release of this film in hire, Krabi and Phi Phi, as well as Thailand in general, became popular among tourists.

Phuket especially pleases travelers in Aprilthe last calm month before the beginning of the rainy season. It is from May to October that monsoon rains begin here. But even such bad weather absolutely does not prevent to spend the holiday to numerous tourists.

Air and water temperature

Many travelers like Thailand in April. The weather at this time of year favors for various excursions and beach holidays. It was in April that long, long rains had not yet begun, and the sun was no longer so hot.thailand phuket in april

If you take such famous resorts as Samui,Phuket and Pattaya, then the average temperature rises to 31 degrees in the daytime, and at night does not drop below 26 degrees. Bangkok boasts the same temperature.

Judging by the numerous reviews of travelers,we can conclude that the rest at this time of year in Thailand is the best. Many write that they went to Thailand in April, the weather in Phuket was beautiful, there was no rain. The air temperature was 30 degrees.

Prices in April

Planning his trip to Thailand in April,you should know that at this time prices for tours, hotel accommodation and excursions are significantly reduced. Therefore, this time of year will be a budget option for those travelers who dream of visiting an exotic country.

And price lists in shops and cafes are left withoutchanges. It does not affect the beginning of the rainy season and the prices of street food. But the price of fruit always depends on the season. For example, jackfruit, Langsat, Lychee, Longan, Longkong, mango, mangosteen, and other seasonal fruits can be purchased in April at a rather low cost.

Reviews of tourists

Often, travelers choose tohis holiday is Thailand in April. Reviews of tourists about this month, as already mentioned above, the most diverse, but no one complains about the rains. Some note that for one and a half or two weeks spent in Phuket, there was only one rain, which did not last in thailand in April

Someone specially travels to Thailand in April. Reviews of such tourists are enthusiastic, as they waited this month, because in April in Thailand celebrate the New Year - Songkran. After all, as the Thais celebrate their New Year, strikingly different from the usual for us European holiday. Thai New Year is a traditional watering, sprinkling with talc, mandatory foam show and music festivals.

Going to spend a holiday in Thailand in April,it is recommended to take a few swimsuits with you. For northern regions, perhaps, it is worth to take a warm sweatshirt and sweatshirt, in the afternoon in Chiang Mai is warm, but at night just warm clothes will come in handy. But whatever region is chosen, rest in Thailand will pass perfectly, the most tender memories will remain even for the demanding traveler.

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