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Italian actors appeared along with the cinema in the first half of the twentieth century. Some came to the set from the theater stage, others were invited by film studio agents. There was no professionalism as such at that time, and Italian actors performed roles relying only on their talent.


The female half in the cinema was more successful, because the scripts were written mainly for the marginal public, who prefer to watch light films, with beautiful actresses in the lead roles. Italian male actors were also quite well received by the audience, but mostly as partners, husbands, buddies or lovers of female characters.


Gradually, with the development of cinema, Italian actors began to come to the fore. The screen increasingly appeared films with a deep plot, meaningful and socially significant. In such films there was no place for empty beauties. Italian actors became the promoters of real cinema.The success of a film was predetermined by the participation of a popular artist in it. Conversely, the motion picture was waiting for a failure, if the viewer saw unfamiliar characters on the screen.


Famous Italian actors were few, the growth of their popularity did not depend on objective reasons. The more often the performer of the main roles appeared on the screen, the stronger became people's love for him. Some viewers went to a certain actor, and such a commitment could not be better contributed to the growth of its popularity.

Actors of Italian Cinema

italian actors

For many years all cinema on the Apennine Peninsula was built on the release of films with the same leading actors. One of the first symbols of the Italian film industry was Toto, the full name of Antonio Vincenzo Stefano Clemente, a talented actor and public figure. On his account over fifty films of various genres. Toto began acting in films when he was already thirty-eight years old.

Age value

Many Italian actors, a list of which is given below, began acting in adulthood.In Rome and other major cities there are no programs like "We are looking for young talents." Rather, such programs exist, but the age of their participants has long passed the junior frontier. Italian actors, whose photos regularly publish glossy magazines on their pages, are well-established men and women. The male contingent looks older, and the weak half permanently remain at the tender age of 23-45 years.

The most famous actors of Italian cinema are presented below.

italian male actors

Adriano Celentano

He began to act in films at the age of twenty-one, playing a cameo in a low-budget film. The actor played a more responsible character in 1960 in the film "Sweet Life" by Federico Fellini. There he got the role of a pop singer.

Celentano is considered a good family man; last year he and his wife, Claudia Mori, celebrated their golden wedding. A happy couple has three adult children, two of whom followed in the footsteps of their parents.

Career in the movie with Adriano Celentano was successful in full, the actor played more than forty roles. Movies for the most part comedic, funny, musical. Some hit the Soviet rental.These are "The Taming of the Shrew", "Bingo-Bongo", "Bluff".

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Marcello Mastroianni

One of the most popular actors of Italian cinema began acting in 1949, when he was already twenty-five years old. In total, for his film career, the actor played in eighty films, many of which were shot by the master Federico Fellini and the famous director Vittorio de Sica. Mastroianni’s special manner of keeping himself on the set with a certain detachment made his game incredibly refined. The actor was not able to accept all the invitations from famous directors, but he always agreed to participate in the productions of Fellini, de Sic, Roman Polanski and Carlo Ponti.

In the personal life of Mastroianni there were only a few novels, but they lasted for several years and ended with the certainly warm relations in the future. In 1946, the young Marcello became interested in Flora Korabella, and after a while they got married.

Then the actor met the actress Catherine Deneuve. Their relationship went far enough, the couple had a daughter, Chiara, who later became a famous actress.

In 1968, fate brought Mastroianni to American actress Faye Dunaway, with whom he lived for three years.Nevertheless, the alliance broke up due to Marcello’s reluctance to divorce Flora.

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Alberto Sordi

The most popular film actor, the classic average Italian in any film, an indispensable performer of the usual provincial roles. The actor rose to the wave of the comedy genre, playing about fifty characters and acting as a director in nineteen films.

Filmography of Sordi includes such masterpieces as "Difficult Life" and "Widowed" directed by Nino Reese, "Bum" staged by Vittorio de Sica, "All Homes" directed by Luigi Comenchini, "The key to success" (directed by Luigi Dzampa), " Marquis del Grillo "directed by Monicelli and" Detained pending trial "(directed by Nanni Loy). Some of these films were held at the box office in the USSR. Especially popular was the film "Air Adventures", where Alberto Sordi played an Italian count, a great amateur of aviation.

Alberto Sordi was a great master of reincarnation, this quality was fully manifested in the film "New Monsters", consisting of three short films, directed by Mario Monicelli, Dino Reesy and Ettore Scola. His most significant role, Alberto Sordi, considered the image of the little man from the film “Bourgeois” by director Monicelli.

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Michele Placido

Popular Italian actor began his career with the theater. After graduating from the Academy of Art of Drama, he played several roles on stage. Then, in 1972, Placido began to act in films.

World-wide fame came to the actor after the role of Commissioner Cattani in a television series called Sprut, in which Michele participated in four seasons. It is characteristic that almost simultaneously he played the role of an assassin in another film - “Communication through a pizzeria”.

During his film career, Michele Placido has played more than fifty roles in various films and has acted as a director in twenty films. Since 1997, the actor has ceased to be removed, turning entirely to directing. But before that, Placido had worked with directors in the films:

  • "Mary Forever," directed by Marco Risi;
  • Chopin, Francesco Rosi;
  • Three Brothers, Pasquale Squitieri;
  • "Hotel Kleinhof", Giuliano Motaldo;
  • The Triumphal March, Luigi Comencini;
  • Ernesto, Marco Bellokkio;
  • "Divine Creation", Mario Monicelli.

famous Italian actors

Paolo Vilaggio

Patriarch of Italian cinema, now a live actor comedy genre. Artistic talent opened with Paolo in 1967, when he performed in the Roman cabaret.After this speech, the thirty-five-year-old actor was invited to a television program called "Sunday People," where he presented three characters at once, Professor Krantz, sneaky Fantochchi and the cowardly Fracchia. Thanks to the talented game of Vilaggio, the program became super popular, and the actor himself became widely known.

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