Kunoichi - the beautiful ninja of Iran

12-05-2017, 11:12
More than three thousand girls of Iran regularly decide to change the hijab to the clothes of ancient Japanese warriors in order to master the martial art of ninjutsu and become kunoichi. They turn into real ninja women, ideally possessing the skills of hand-to-hand combat and the use of knives. A correspondent for the international news agency Reuters came to one of the Kunoichi training centers located in the Karaj district near Tehran to tell you more about these amazing Iranian girls.
Female ninja training begins with a warm-up.

In addition to training melee techniques, kunoiti should also be able to use their feminine charm.

In addition, these dangerous Iranians are learning how to use different types of weapons and even the use of poisons.

Running up the wall is common for kunoichi.

There are a lot of similar training centers for women ninjas in Iran, the Federation of Martial Arts of the Ministry of Sport monitors their activities.

Training is always difficult and intense, so sparring partners feel sorry for each other once.

The trainings, the ninja girls themselves admit, help them maintain both physical and spiritual condition.

According to coach Fatima Muamer, classes here primarily teach girls to respect themselves.

Answering the question why ninjutsu classes are needed, not a single girl said about self-defense, they all believe that the main goal of the training is patriotic - to be able to stand up at any time to defend their homeland.

However, after seeing how much persistence kunoichi showed in training, the Reuters correspondent did not even have a shadow of doubt in these words.

All these women warriors are fluent in nunchucks, swords, and shuriken.

Often workouts are held outdoors. Girls are taught the basic principles of martial art: concentration, strength and balance.

A group of girls kunoichi together with his coach.

The age of the future kunoichi is very different. This little girl, when she grows up, will be a very serious opponent for someone.

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