Lali with you

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When I am in the toilet, she puts on my sneakers and bangs on the door. This is the refrain of my own affair. Mom in the toilet, and with a sweep I drive on a three-wheeled (Soviet, which means that the anti-zerk is not like your plastic) bike.
When I am in the bathroom, I have to show the performance "mom-kit." Well, you understand, right?
When I sit down with my thoughtful face for my affairs, she is here and she knows one word very well. GIVE!!! she screams and I love her.
Another "fell", which means fell. This girl rides a scooter and if she falls, she does not cry. Only shakes off small palms and forth, again into battle. Punchy man. But afraid, does not like loud noise and large machines monsters. And who of the gentle fairies loves them?
And, in general, it’s not at all surprising that, recently, after my eternal OM, my favorite lines are: Letm Kam Tugéze Wright nau oue SWEET HARMONI.
She is a year and nine and she is a good archer.

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