Lamination with gelatin

Many girls dream of beautiful, healthy,shiny hair. Unfortunately, without a certain care, the effect of healthy shiny hair is not achieved. Using expensive professional cosmetics and visiting beauty salons to achieve a result, not everyone can afford. Now beauty salons offer various procedures for improving the external condition of the hair. One of these procedures is lamination. This procedure is performed in the salons, by the way, at home it is also done. I would like to share a completely unique find that all girls can afford. After all, very few people know that lamination can be made gelatin, the cost price will be ridiculous. Lamination gelatin is completely harmless and no worse than the salon procedure. Its effect on the hair is obvious. Gelatin is a pure collagen, especially the effect will be noticeable on fine hair, they will acquire shine and volume. He will cover the hair with a thin film, what will protect him from damage, in connection with this, and called the procedure "home lamination gelatin" or natural lamination.

Prepare a compound that will help restoreappearance of hair, can be according to the following recommendations. Mix gelatin (1-2 tablespoons) with water (4 tablespoons), leave the mixture for thirty minutes and mix well. In order for the mixture to get a sour cream consistency, you should add the conditioner that you use to care for your hair. The resulting mixture is heated until the gelatin is dissolved and allowed to cool.

In order to start making lamination with gelatin, we need to conduct preliminary procedures with hair:

  1. Wash your hair with your shampoo, after applying a mask or conditioner, rinse and allow a little to dry. Hair drier hair is not recommended, they should be wet.
  2. A mixture that was prepared in a water bath, thenapply to the hair along the entire length and evenly distribute. Try to distribute so that the mixture is not rubbed into the skin, as itching and constriction may occur.
  3. After applying the compound on the head, wraphair with a film, top with a towel and blow dry with a hair dryer - 15 minutes. After drying the hair dryer, the composition should not be washed off for another 20 minutes, after which the hair should be washed with warm water and dried naturally.

Lamination with gelatin will have to be repeated every 7-10 days, depending on the condition, structure, frequency of hair washing.

You were able to make sure that such a procedureavailable to all the girls and do it at home can all. I'll even say more - all the expensive shampoos, balms, masks provide shine to the hair mainly because they contain gelatin. Laminating gelatin is absolutely harmless, as it is a natural product and does not spoil the external state of your hair.

I can say that girls resort not only tolaminating with gelatin, but they also make masks from it or wash their hair. Gelatin is saturated with proteins, which allow to accelerate hair growth. So this product will help not only improve the external condition of hair, but also help to accelerate their growth. In the mask, you can add various components that you will like (egg, honey, essential or vegetable oils, etc.). Just do not forget that when adding components to gelatin, they should be dissolved in a water bath until gelatin is completely turned into a homogeneous mass of sour cream consistency.

I think that an excellent alternativeThe costly procedures in the salons is gelatin for hair. Laminating gelatin will give you not only gorgeous hair, but also strengthen, accelerate their growth. And do not forget that you are waited by ecstatic views of associates and a fine mood.

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