Lemon Kvass

Today I will present you a recipe for a great tasty and refreshing drink -lemon kvass.
We will need:
1) 800 grams of black (rye) bread
2) 7 liters of water
3) one and a half or two sakana raisins
4) 2 glasses of sugar
5) A teaspoon of citric acid
For the yeast:
6) 5 grams of fresh yeast
7) Half a cup of warm water
8) 2 tablespoons of flour
Cooking Lemon Kvass
1) First, make the starter, to do this, stir the yeast in warm water and add the flour. Mix everything thoroughly.
2) Now we will cut the bread into small pieces and dry in the oven
3) We take out the bread, pour it with boiling water, and cool it to about room temperature, and add the previously prepared leaven. Now we leave it all for the night.
4) Now the future kvass needs to be drained, add raisins, citric acid, and of course sugar. Mix very well (I personally shake the jar) and leave overnight.
5) Again, we process the resulting, and put it in the cold for a day.
Everything, fresh and cool kvass is ready,drink to your health!

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