Leukemia: Symptoms and Causes

leukemia symptoms

A malignant disease of the bloodstream is called leukemia. Often the disease is called leukemia. When the disease is a violation of the hematopoietic system due to the growth of immature pathological cellular elements.


The disease can be triggered by several factors. Modern medicine identifies several causes that cause disease more often than others:

  • Viral and infectious. Blastomogenic viruses cause leukemia in humans and animals. There are two groups of viruses: RNA-containing and DNA-containing.
  • Hereditary reason. If in the family at least one of the parents suffered from leukemia, then another person often falls ill. The disease can manifest itself in subsequent generations, especially if it has developed against the background of hereditary diseases associated with the body's immune system.
  • Radiation and chemical factors. A side effect of this therapy can be leukemia. Symptoms of the disease occur after a long course of exposure to chemical leukemic factors.

Leukemia: Symptomsleukemia symptoms in adults

The individual characteristics of a person, the degree of depression of his hematopoietic system can influence the way in which the disease manifests itself. Leukemia, the symptoms of which in some people manifest as pneumonia, and in others, meningitis or pyelonephritis, can be triggered by one and the same factor, a defeat of the granulocytic germ. Considering the manifestation of the disease in a certain period of time, it is worth noting that the acute form is manifested faster than chronic leukemia, the symptoms of which can be overlooked at the initial stage. Only a blood test can detect the disease.

3 groups of clinical manifestations of the disease

  • Anemic syndrome, accompanied by a decrease in blood hemoglobin and red blood cells. External symptoms are manifested by pallor, increased fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, decreased cardiac activity.
  • The defeat of granulocyte growth causes infectious-toxic syndrome, which manifests itself in the form of complicated inflammatory processes.
  • The most dangerous is hemorrhagic syndrome, manifested by hemorrhages and increased bleeding.

chronic leukemia symptomsAcute leukemia

  • Myeloid acute leukemia. Symptoms in adults show lesions in the bone marrow, its color becomes greenish or red. Also increased lymph nodes, liver, spleen. In the kidneys may cause tumors. Necrosis develops in the stomach, oral cavity, and tonsils. In rare cases, myeloblastic leukemia can cause leukemic meningitis and pneumonia.
  • Lymphoblastic acute leukemia. Symptoms: sharply increases the thymus gland, spleen and lymph nodes. Bone marrow becomes almost crimson color. The chest organs are compressed if leukemia extends beyond the thymus gland, and its formations germinate in the tissue of the anterior mediastinum.
  • Acute monoblastic leukemia is marked by the development of anemia, increased bleeding, ulcerative necrotic stomatitis.

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