Life hacking from restaurant chefs

2-10-2017, 12:06

Those who cook often know that sometimes staying in the kitchen turns into hell: the oil splashes, the meat burns, and the eggs just bought turn out to be stale. We love difficulties, but not enough to endure them. Therefore, we collected 14 of the most useful kitchen tricks that will help save time, nerves and bleed your skills ...
No. 1. If you fry burger patties, make a well in the middle. So meat will be fried faster

No. 2. To cut off the perfect piece of cake, hold the knife under hot water. Then the knife will not get stuck and stick to the cake

# 3. Spray a lemon into a spray bottle to make a spray with lemon juice.

№ 4. Determine the size of servings by hand.

No. 5. To prevent the knife from slipping when cutting, fasten several stationery gum to the handle.

No. 6. The thinner the skin is in lemon, the more acidic it is.

# 7. To make the sausage roast evenly inside and outside, make small cuts on it

No. 8. To check if the egg is fresh, pay attention to the integrity of the bag around the yolk.

No. 9The cut cake will not become foul if you put slices of bread in the cut places and fix them with toothpicks

№ 10. How many minutes to cook hard boiled eggs

No. 11. Greens are best kept in foil, so it will stay fresh for long.

No. 12. To make the perfect bacon, place the meat on the foil. Preheat oven to 204 degrees and set for 12 minutes.

No. 13. To warm up the pizza as if it had just been cooked, simply sprinkle it with water and heat it in the oven.

№ 14. Cut the steak along the fibers.

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